Shooting in CA today

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    First off my thoughts and prayers to the victims and thier families. This must be hellish.

    Within minutes of this being reported the anti-gunners began thier rants.

    I found this little gem in one...

    The majority of guns in the United States are used to shoot at other US citizens. I really don't think that's what our founders intended.

    What is wrong with people? The People's Republic of California has some of the strictest gun laws in the US. Is it safer there? Uh, no. What if a student was LEGALLY allowed to carry a gun to class and was trained to use a pistol to defend themself? Maybe less people would have been hurt and killed. I truly do not understand the logic of these anti-gun people.
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    Wait what happened I live in CA!! I haven't heard but I am out and about

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    As we all know, gun control is just a safety program for criminals.
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    Holy crap this is where I live, busy day FEDs raided a pot club/school and then this shooting.

    Oakland is becoming increasingly more scary and by making it harder for law abiding citizens to arm them selves and easier for the bad guys it's only gonna get worse.

    Prayers for all the family involved.
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    In Oakland, no less.

    And why? Because everybody knows at schools, kids and staff alike are unarmed and cannot easily fight back.
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    If I were a family member of ANY student killed, I would sue the college and/or STATE responsible for restricting my son's/daughter's right to defend themselves.

    Another case of liberal media programming also... Otherwise you would hear the FACTS of how campuses that allow their students to carry firearms is BY FAR safer than any who restrict carrying.

    It seems as if people will never wake up to being factual and realizing that hardly anything they'll ever hear from a biased media is ever going to be correct.
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