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Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by unit44justin, May 30, 2012.

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    Anyone use gloves specifically for shooting? I was at the range yesterday and my palms were getting a little sweaty and I felt it affecting my grip. What do you use if you do use shooting gloves?
  2. I use gloves sometimes. Don't wear them so much for grip improvement, rather to reduce lead exposure. I just use gloves picked up at Home Depot for about $10, that way I don't feel badly when they start to get holes in them.

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    My wife wears them to avoid the ext mag pinch . I have big hands ;) and am concerned with that affecting my grip .Maybe trigger finger fingerless ........
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    How about a golf towel hanging on your range bag?

    I don't think I would ever be in a situation wearing gloves and having to use my weapon, being here in South Florida.
  5. I have sweaty hands sometimes to so I wear mechanic gloves:

    I have big hands all so (big enough to grip a DE .50AE with no problems) and don't have a problem wearing them while shooting my G21.
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    I wear the thin rubber dipped gloves, they grip really well.
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    I actually use a pair of driving gloves made of leather that are paper thin and velcro adjustable...

    great for shooting my Glock and my other favorite handguns. Also have a pair of nomex gloves for my cannons.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I use the same gloves, for the winter months, and i have the unlined version for the sorta in-between temps...
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    I use a weightlifting glove called the Harbinger "Power" model that only costs $11.00 for the pair at Academy Sports & Outdoors here in Houston. I only use it on my shooting hand so I gave the left hand glove away to a lefty shooter at the range. It works perfect since it has thin mesh on the backside to let your hand breathe and leather padding on the palm and thumb area to absorb the recoil. It is also fingerless so you don't lose trigger control. I only use it when I'm shooting a lot of rounds (150+) with my G22 Gen4 as my hand starts to get a little sore after a while.
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    Mechanix covert and the covert 0.5mm are great, inexpensive options for shooting. They offer enough dexterity to shoot both rifles and handguns without issue. For a heavier duty glove Outdoor Research makes some excellent products.