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  1. Zepaholic

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    Can I legally have my wife ship my pistol to me via UPS.
    I have read a little bit, but I am confused & do not want to break any laws. From what I read I can ship just minus the ammo, that is no problem. Just looking for some insight from some of you that are more aware of the laws.
    Would be coming from Georgia to Texas. Thanks for any help in Advance.
  2. I think it can only be ship though a FFL.

  3. Firearms may not be mailed or shipped interstate from one non-FFL to another non-FFL but may be shipped intrastate. Personally owned rifles and shotguns may be mailed or shipped to an FFL in any state for any lawful purpose, including sale, repair, or customizing. An FFL may ship a firearm or replacement firearm of the same kind and type to a person from whom it was received. Under U.S. Postal regulations, handguns may be sent via the Postal Service only from one FFL to another FFL, or between authorized government officials.
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    I guess I will be traveling home with nothing then. I HATE that thought.
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    What if you took the pistol apart and shipped the lower separate from the upper?
    Just a question, I really don't know the answer.
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    have her go to a gunshop and ship it to a gunshop near you, it may cost about 60$ but a lot less than traveling from ga to tx. If the gunshop in tx will accept from a non ffl then it will cost less, just ask a gunshop where you are located.
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    Thanks Tape. I am gonna ask around here if they would do it.
  8. GlockIt

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    I usaully carry, but this time my company needed me to fill in on one of our tugs at a navy base before going to work on my regular tug in Texas. I was told I could not bring my pistol, so I didn't. I hated to leave it home.
    It was not so bad driving in the daylight, its the return trip home I am dreading as always it will be late night traveling.
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    To the best of my knowledge:

    The firearm is not changing hands, and therefore a transfer does not take place.

    It therefore is legal to ship it to yourself (or someone ship it to you) but ONLY by ground freight service.

    FedEx and UPS can handle this for you (or her). DO NOT DECLARE IT IS A FIREARM, FedEx will require (as part of their regulations for operation) that it ship to an FFL, which is NOT needed in this case. Do, however, get insurance on it. As you already know, do not ship ammo with it.

    It must be in a hard-sided case that is lockable, inside another box (shipper's box).

    Again, since no transfer takes place, no FFL is needed.

    Again, it MUST ship ground only.

    DO NOT send it thru the Postal Service, use a freight forwarding service (such as FedEx or UPS).

    THE ONLY RESTRICTION would be any such restrictions on the firearm in the destination state. For instance, a Barret .50BMG rifle is illegal in California, so one cannot ship it to California. I am not aware of any restrictions in Texas over handguns, but I am not an expert on Texas law, you will have to research this yourself, and if you ask: Is this gun legal in Texas and the answer is YES, then there are no restrictions.

    This question gets asked almost every gun class that I teach, and the answer is always the same: if there is no change of ownership (especially if the origin or destination require firearms registration) then no FFL is required because no transfer takes place; it MUST ship ground freight only; it MUST be legal to possess in the destination state and city; it must ship without ammunition; restrictions imposed by the Interstate Commerce in Firearms Act do not apply since the firearm is not an article of commerce (no transfer); the Gun Control Act of 1968 likewise does not apply for the same reason (no change of ownership).

    Only local laws and restrictions (if any) in the destination jurisdiction would apply.

    Hope that helps.
  11. RRoss

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    Since you are essentially mailing it to yourself (gun bought during marriage is considered marital property and therefore owned by both parties) and no change in ownership is talking place, an FFL is NOT required. I personally would field strip it and pack an integral component of the gun (Slide,or barrel) in your luggage while shipping the rest. The piece you take with will render the others inoperable if stolen.
    Have a safe trip!