She Dialed 911. The Cop Who Came to Help Raped Her.

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    Cases like this just piss me off. It makes it that much worse that he had that much of a history with nothing being done. I hope he gets life; though personally, I think rape and another of other crimes should be considered capital offenses, our system should be streamlined, and we should be executing more often. Rapists and child molestors don't get "reformed" in prison. They get out and they reoffend, all the time, but our system keeps letting it happen.

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    Just plain sickening !!
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    There was a state police lieutenant here in VA a few weeks ago that got 20 years for multiple child rape charges and got all 20 of it suspended and even got to keep his pension and everything as part of his plea deal.

    He should be castrated and ****ing hung as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Do we have this from a REAL news source? Sorry I won't crucify a cop based on that source.
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  9. UGH.....great.

    Someone take him out back, making us look bad.
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    In NJ, if the freak is determined to be predatory (which includes almost all of the chicken hawks...pedophiles), when he finishes his conviction, he is then "civilly" committed to a forever unit. Here, he is allowed to live out his life with all the conveniences of home. Cable TV, free meals, microwaves, free medical, his own clothing. He just can't leave.

    The freaks are adding up so quickly in NJ, that ADTC (Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center, aka House of Freaks) took over our Ad-Seg building, which we at EJSP (old Rahway) used to call, "The House of Pain." 324 cells, now 324 small apartments.

    Also, in NJ, the freaks are not referred to as inmates...they're patients.

    I used to watch these "patients" in their Rec yard from one of our towers. As I watched them on the weight pile I couldn't help but think, that this was a great advertisement for the freedom to bear arms and the "Castle Law".

    After seeing VP Joe Biden doing his anti-gun rant about the 200lb. man, all I can see in my mind was one of these 250lb. "patients" standing over his wife.

    Betcha' she'd want a gun then, huh?:eek:
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    I always say cops carry guns to protect themselves not you. After, doing some contract work with some of our agencies in Mexico and South America, it easy to understand the motivation of corruption in less wealthier countries. However, the motivation behind this officer's corruption was that of power and lust, much more sinister than the motivation of money or the threat of your own family being harmed. It makes me sick that SOBs like this are able to get a badge. Then Law Enforcement wonders why a lot of people, most law abiding citizens, are nervous when approached by them. Moreover, if you think about it more indeptly, most people aren't aware of their rights when approached by an officer and first off are not ready to speak to someone whom are actively searching for individuals committing crimes. Adding to this some people are just nervous around some who has a gun, and with disgusting instances like the one question its understanding the lack of trust for law enforcement.
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    I'll agree with you on this one!! The court system should be greatly streamlined and appeals stepped up.... The old west way of trial, appeal, public hanging would put this to a screaming halt...
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    It would, but only because we'd be killing them as fast as they could offended...or at least as fast as we could catch them.

    I don't know what it is, but I am firmly convinced that society as a whole, which unfortunately means even the "good guys", has a lot more problems now than we did 20 or 30 (or more) years ago.

    I'm not talking the day to day stuff that's in the news...I'm talking about a massive decrease in morals and a massive increase in mental issues, whether they be diagnosed mental health issues or ones like this, that would turn someone who is supposed to "protect and serve" into a rapist. There is a serious lack of judgment; common sense is no longer common.

    Too many people just don't care about anyone but themselves. I think there was an entire generation, maybe two, that was poorly parented and that is a big part of the problem. If only there were a way to keep them from reproducing.

    Rapists and pedophiles are not reformed. They should simply be executed upon guilty verdict and be done with it. They do far too much damage to society.
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    I agree. This whole situation makes me sick. Our prison system is full of these "special individuals" and it's costing us law abiding tax payers our hard earned money to feed and house these "people" for years. We should do what George Carlin suggested. Televised executions with commercial sponsorship. That way we get rid of this trash and stimulate the economy. Two birds, one stone.
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    It's too bad George never ran for president. I would've voted for him and we'd be in a very different position. It would be nice to have someone who knows what needs to be done, doesn't care what anyone else thinks about it and who wouldn't take crap from anyone. ;)