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  1. scrubber3

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    I got this beauty at the gun show this weekend. Kydex of course. It's reversible and virtually weightless. I found MY IWB holster. 100 dollars for non military/ LEO. 90 with your ID. It has a lifetime guarantee and can be customized and made any way you want. They can make them to carry a magazine or 2 or 3. I believe you could get one holster to hold your pistol and a magazine as well. They can make a holster for anything including knife sheaths. Their website is or call at 5134001675. I know I sound like a salesman but just trying to spread the word of a great holster/ sheath.



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    Is that holster tuckable? Looks nice.

    I checked their website and boy do they have some work to do on that. The holsters look good and I am interested, but the site was too disorganized.

    Edit: studied the pics a bit more...not tuckable from what I can see.
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  3. 100 seems a little high to me.
  4. lyodbraun

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    Nice looking holster but $100 is high for sure, Id check out PJholsters very well made and he also makes tuckable ones all kydex and quick turn around times,,. I have two from him and very happy with it..
  5. scrubber3

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    I don't tuck my shirts, but I believe they will make you one that is tuckable if need be. They do anything custom. I know 100 is more than some people charge, but to me it was worth the weight and bulk savings. I know my firearm is there but it doesnt weigh me down. If 100 is too much for you, there are cheaper options out there. I've tried a few and this is the best one IMHO. YMMV
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    If you want tuckable take a look at crossbreed. I paid 92 for the horsehide option shipped to my door. Very comfortable and light weight. Just my opinion.
  7. scrubber3

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    Maybe you should start a thread on that holster.
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    I ordered mine at a gun show almost two and a half weeks ago....they have been impossible to get ahold of and yes the website is no help what so ever. It seemed like a great idea in person but it may have been the young girl in short shorts that was selling them that got me to buy one...I wish I would have gone with either a crossbreed or another nice holster off the internet for less money...they sold me thiers for $90.00 but it does me no good if I don't get it