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    Is it the holster or the shooter? Why do some believe this is such a bad system? Opinions? Proof of malfunctions? AD? Shooting their legs? What is the reason?
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    I have them and love them. Use a level 3 for work. If you practice with it it is second nature.


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    Work? What's your occupation?
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    You can pretty much always blame a ND on the shooter. The Serpas just seem to make it easier to do than other holsters. Many of the major training facilities have banned their use in their classes. That's not a step they would take lightly.

    The other problem with the system, and there have been many reports of it, is that if you get any kind of debris in the button, it can lock your gun in the holster. Several people have had to literally cut the holster off the gun to get it out. There are many other holster systems out there that don't have any of these problems.
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    It's the shooter not the holster. Plenty of internet 'experts' love to say the Glock is unsafe because it does not have a safety selector. Glocks don't go off until you put your finger on the trigger, no modern firearm of minimal value goes off until you put your finger on the trigger. If you are putting your finger on the trigger before you are ready to shoot YOU are doing it wrong, its not the pistol or the holster that is doing something wrong.

    I carry a paddle SERPA at work about a 1/3 of the time, I have been in scuffles and wrestling matchs with it including in the rocks, and used it at least a hundred times at the the range; never had a problem with it---still AD/ND free. ;)

    I've only read on the internet about somebody who knows somebody who got their pistol stuck in a SERPA because of debris, still waiting to hear a story like that I can beleive.
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    I use a Serpa Level 3 w/light system for work (Duty Holster) practice. Based on your topic you are asking about the CQC models I assume.... they are all excellent holsters and like brutusvk stated it will become second nature. Enjoy!!:)
  7. I use the Blackhawk Duty holster for work and the CQC holster for my 27 and a Blackhawk without the button for my 1911. I'd rather not use anything but Blackhawk holsters.


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    I use the exact two holsters. And I love them too. I have used other duty holsters but this is by far my favorite.
  9. Yea. I bought the duty holster from a buddy at my academy and never had any problems out of it. I just got the little holster for my 27 and haven't gone anywhere to see how it Carey's but I'm positive I'll like it. LoL
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    It's definitely the shooter! Serpa is a great holster and actually supports safe drawing with it's design, if someone is not able to keep there finger off the trigger using this holster they should not be carrying a gun!

  11. I use a level 2 serpa for work as well, I love it and have no had any problems....

    I've tested it (With an empty weapon ofcourse) and pulled, tugged, yanked, banged it to see if it would actuate the trigger in any way and have not had a problem.

    They are very comfortable and if you train with it, it becomes second nature and super easy to use!
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    Sure do love the blackhawk cqc.


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    I have been using Blackhawk Serpas for my G26, G30, XD-9 and Beretta-92 for years and years now.

    Never had a single problem of any kind, ever.