Semi auto rifle vs Semi Auto Shotgun

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by iRockGlock, Jan 26, 2012.

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    Sup Glock heads
    Just wanna hear some opinions for a shtf scenario. Would you rather rock a semi auto rifle, like an AK, or a semi auto shotgun.
    I'm looking to buy either one for my B-day in Feb.
    I'd like opinions on ammo prices, reliablity, mobility, stuff like that
  2. Yes.

    Seriously, for SHTF I want my G19 on my right leg, my G27 on the left leg, an AR-15 on my back, and a Mossy M500 in my hands.

  3. iRockGlock

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    All out!
    I have a G17 rtf2 and a G27 Gen4 for back ups. I'm really digging that Mossberg 930 SPX!
  4. I forgot the Hoyt bow in the bottom of one of my BOB's lol.

    I think you and are are on the same prepping page. Working on getting my hands on some flash bangs lmao
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    You are my hero!

    We cannot even start to tap into my paranoia. I will say this, when the SHTF, if it fires a projectile, I want it. Now, to be serious, if you really could only get one right now...I personally would get a shotgun. Probably one like Mossberg's Tactical Turkey
    ...that way I could still use it to turkey hunt in normal years. In SHTF years, it will do, defense, loud noise, etc. I know it's not semi-auto, but the same principle applies. A shotgun is versatile. And my AR will be right next to it!:D
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    Hahaha. Like this? You just described my entire collection except for my revolver and 1911.

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    My 2 cents for SHTF...

    AR 5.56 (slung)


    GLOCK .45 (right hip)


    M500 12G (in hand)


    AKMS 7.62 (folded...attached to backpack)


    ...and all the ammo that accompanies them.