Selling guns across state lines

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  1. OneOldGoat

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    How is this done?
    What are the rules?
    Are the rules different state to state?
    Do you have to go threw FFL or can you just meet up?
    Are their different rules with handguns vs long guns?

    Reason I am asking is one I have no clue on how this works I have only purchased from LGS and close friends who live in TN
    And if doing this is a complete Pain in the a** I will just wait and find it in state
  2. Happysniper1

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    Any firearm sold across state lines, regardless of point of origin or destination, must go thru an FFL.

    Some states allow face to face purchases of firearms from "private collectors", such as Nevada.

    A revision in the Interstate Commerce in Firearms Act allows for the purchase (thru FFL) of long guns from one state to any adjoining state, provided that the firearm is first legal in the state of origin and second is also legal in the state of destination. For instance, I can go to Arizona and buy a rifle from an FFL there, take possession of the rifle, and bring it back to Nevada with me. If I ordered it online or anything other than in person, the seller would need to send it to an FFL that I designate.

    Shipping a firearm that involves a transfer of ownership requires the seller to take the gun to an FFL in his location, together with the info on an FFL in the buyers' location (usually selected by the buyer). The FFLs contact each other, and ship the firearm to each other. The receiving FFL then conducts the NICS check in the presence of the buyer (add on whatever "wait time" certain states requie) and then if approved, releases or "transfers ownership" of the firearm to the buyer.

    Note that shipping the firearm to the manufacturer for repair work is not a transfer of ownership, and does not require an FFL.

    Locally, I have sold custom-built AR15s to buyers in face-to-face transactions, if the buyer is also a Nevada resident.

    Hope that helps, somewhat....


  3. OneOldGoat

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    Thanks for the info I was thinking that FFL had to be involved
  4. Happysniper1

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    You're welcome!

    I wondered that, too, so I researched the laws here in Nevada, learned the Federal regulation requiring FFL anytime a gun is sold across state lines.
  5. chadsaalfrank

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    I just purchased a handgun from a different state and the seller did not ship from a ffl, he shipped from his home to my ffl. My ffl was worried that this was not legal and did some calling..... this is legal. At supprise from my ffl, the seller was correct, you do not need to have ffl to ffl. It only has to be received by ffl to finish transfer.
  6. SHOOTER13

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    Laws for the transfer of firearms vary from state to state...

    Always know the laws for YOUR STATE...and don't rely on

    what someone on a gun forum says is fact.
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    That's correct a non FFL can send anything except NFA items. The only kicker is that handguns cannot be shipped USPS except by a FFL, and UPS Fedex require next day air which is super expensive