Self defense ammo for glock 42

Discussion in 'Self Defense' started by Joey_, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Joey_

    Joey_ New Member

    Not sure if there is already a thread but what do you guys that carry the g42, what ammo do you carry. Right now I'm carrying Speer JHP
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  2. ukcats

    ukcats Member

    After researching it, I decided to load my 42 with Underwood Xtreme Defender (standard pressure).
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    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    Consider speaking with Underwood (if you haven't already). With the 380 there may be an advantage to +P Defender or moving to the Penetrator. For my 43. I chose +P Defender because Penetrator was too much penetration for my intended use but still went +P because I wanted more speed from the shorter barrel and it didn't sacrifice performance. Still stayed short of 18".

    I was also considering the 42 and for that I was going to go XP because it didn't over penetrate beyond my comfort zone but did compensate for shorter barrel and a typically underperforming ammo.
  4. Easy_CZ

    Easy_CZ Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    I use Underwood Xtreme Defender in my LCP II. If the little Ruger could handle +P, I'd go that route. Underwood is some good stuff.




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  5. glockin9

    glockin9 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I use Hornady Critical Defense 380 90 gr FTX.
  6. Lucian_253

    Lucian_253 Well-Known Member Supporter

    That's what I carry in my lcp 2. My back up mag has Hornady 90gr XTP's in it.
  7. adc100

    adc100 Member Supporter

    Me too.