Seeking advice on lightening trigger pull

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by judgemental70, Apr 4, 2012.

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    First submission gentlemen/ladies...
    I've watched you tube vids until I'm blue. There seem to be at least four options to lighten trigger pull. I'm least inclined to replace the entire trigger assembly (Fulcrum, etc). The second option is to change the connector to a lighter weight, say 3.5#. I could change the safety plunger to a smoother titanium, along with a lighter spring. Lastly, I could re-spring the entire trigger path with a competition spring kit. The answer may ultimately be some combination of these mods, but as this is to be a carry weapon, I don't want the trigger to be too light. What has been successful for you?
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum judgemental70 !!

    My Glock30SF is completely stock, but I am looking into

    a lighter trigger pull I'll be just as interested in the

    replies you get here...

  3. Why do you feel the need to lighten it?
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    The current pull is approx 6 pounds, pulls off site when firing unless great care is taken. In a tactical situation...who knows. 3.5-4# would be much better, and smooth would be preferable to hurky-jerky.
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    If you check the search engine you'll find several topics on the 3.5 triggers. Mine are stock so I can't offer any help there.
  6. You can do what you want and get an array of different parts but basic fundamentals or lack of will not change. :cool:

    Is this your first Glock?
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    I feel fundamentals are coming along, the next logical step would be to address the jerky trigger. No I had a G22 gen 2 for years, bought used, so I don't know if it was modified, but the trigger was no where this stiff.
  8. Since the 22 was used it may have had enough rounds through it to accomplish the same thing a $.25 trigger job dose by polishing the contacting metal parts on it's own.

    The one you have now, is it a Gen 3 or 4?
  9. I run a 2.5-3# pull on my g27. I started shooting glocks 10 years ago and on my very first g19 after thousands of rounds through it I wanted to try the lighter pull. Well... Because I had so much time with the heavier pull it took some time to become balls on with the lighter trigger.

    Since then I do the competition trigger mod on all my glocks before I even fire them. All springs, plunger, trigger bar...

    Anyway. Long story short. If you are thinking about it now... You won't stop thinking about it so do it now so you don't necessarily have to retrain your finger.

    I only wish I could do a trigger mod on my old ladies stupid lcp. It's like squeezing an anvil.

    All of this is of course my opinion but come on... I make a pretty good point. Lol
  10. Voo side note... If you do end up doing it, you may as well do an extended slide release at the same time. One less pin to pull in the future for when you want more. Lol

    I mod everything in life. Stock sucks.
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    Go shoot 500 rounds thru the gun as is and learn the trigger. Look up and read about "Trigger reset" and practice that too.

    That will get you used to the Glock trigger and wear in the triggerbar enough that you shouldn't need to start swappin parts like so many do.
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    Mod everything, stock sucks.... Words to live by!!
  13. "you need to spend more money on the back end of the trigger than you do on the front end of the trigger".........just heard that today. I think this will be my new response to most of these types of posts.;)
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  15. judgemental70

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    Mike, explain this to me like I'm six years old, I don't get it.
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    This is probably sage advice, I'm at 100 rds to date. Have you modified your trigger system?
  17. G-23

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    Nothing modified in any of my GLOCKS. After learning the trigger system and how it works, my groups tighten right up. I have (other than the 34)several thousand rounds thru mine and that really helps to smooth the trigger.

    Every gun I have had my hands on that people have modified have felt mushy on the trigger.
  18. Bullets and trigger time.:cool:
  19. judgemental70

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    Ah, 10-4. I'll push 500 rds through before making any decisions.
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    Yes, excellent idea! Remember: any brand new gun needs to be broken in before it's reliability and accuracy can be benchmarked.

    Let us know how it goes!