Scope lens cleaning, what to use?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Pat Harmon, Nov 21, 2020.

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    I have scopes on 99%of my long gun rifles. I also have a dozen or so extra scopes they were in a box of my new found dad stash. Most of the extra scopes have no covers and are kinda dusty and dirty. I didn't want to just shoot Windex or the likes on the lenses to clean them. I have sock type covers that most will be able to be in so it keeps them a little cleaner as well as covers. What's your go-to scope cleaning solutions?
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    I use a lens pen to brush away the major dust. Then use Oakley lens cleaning solution with either the felt end of a lens pen or a microfiber lens cloth.

    BTW. If you ever got or bought Oakley lens cleaner, they’ll refill for free. I had the old metal one then they replaced with the new plastic bottle as the metal ones were hard to reseal.
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    I just use the disposable eyeglasses cleaning wipes. Always keep a half dozen or so in my Glock range bag and my AR range box. The good thing about them is that there is an anti-fog ingredient in the ones I usually get that help with scopes used during the Winter.
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    To be honest,that's what I used to get the lenses on my projects scope clean. I use them on my glasses so it would work as well on the scope but it didn't get it totally clean next to the metal
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    I also keep those on my AR bag. I use the scope brush pen to get the loose stuff, then the glasses wipes.
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    Throw`em in the dishwasher when the wifey`s aint lookin! :p:D
    Uhhhh noooo, dont do that. :rolleyes:

    I use a super fine micro fiber towels for glass, nothing more.
    Micro fiber glass cleaning towels can be bought at your local walmart.