Scary job!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Mike P, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. I think I just got vertigo from a video by watching this. This made my knees feel funky, my stomach was flippin, I was quivering and shuddering.........lmao

  2. jps

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    Wow! Unreal that they free climb that last bit....I need to go lay down. lol

  3. Miniquik

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    More like " stairway to hell"!!!!
  4. GunnerGSP

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    Somebody started a thread on this, or a similar video a while back. My hands get clammy just watching it.

    I have always said I am not afraid of heights, I'm just afraid of falling from them.

    What do these guys get paid?
  5. Webphisher

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    This guy has balls of steel, period.
  6. I have a buddy who works for Progress Energy as a line/pole man. He makes about 70k a year and hes only 24. He deals with heights but only in the hundreds of feet not thousands. Scary stuff!!
  7. jimmyalbrecht

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    I would literally crap my pants if I looked down. You know at that height, the tower has to be swaying in the wind...
  8. i dunno what they make, but it isn't enough. No way i would do that without a parachute
  9. CWearTX

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    That would be a awesome job to have! I've always been a thrillseeker or daredevil. I love doing crazy and spontaneous things!
  10. One of my buddies does this for the State of Arkansas. He works on all transmission towers for the Arkansas Highway Department and State Patrol. I believe there are 2 of those 1700' towers here, and countless shorter ones, I tried to call him to verify, but more than likely he is climbing. LOL. He sends me videos every now and then of him swinging from his harness around the tower.... like a tether ball... LOL.
  11. Danzig

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    Top of the world, Ma!

    I wonder if they were just up there to change a bulb.

    1- bulb=1-day of work
  12. dutchs

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    Hear the elder George Bush here" Ain't gonna do it, Ain't gonna doi it!" NO,NO, NEVER!!
  13. Here's two more related vids I watched. If you're scared of heights.........


  14. Dan75719

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    NOT ENOUGH!! There is no way I could do this! I can barely watch the video from the safety of the ground. You couldn't pay me enough to free climb like that (or climb with a safety). I would proudly admit I'm chicken on this one.
  15. dutchs

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  16. angelkat91

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    Sorry guys but that was an awesome video. I would do that job in a heart beat if given the chance.
  17. Ghost23

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    Oh F*** NO!! I'll sky dive any day but that? No way in hell.
  18. I tell you what you start climbing and I'll climb up behind you. If I'm going to die it won't be looking down :D
  19. dutchs

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    All yours Angelkat!! All yours!!
  20. Ghost23

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    lmao she told me to respond because shes laughing too hard