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    I just purchased my first Glock, a Glock 27 gen4. I'm an old hand at carrying concealed, got my first permit back in '89. I've carried all manner of pistols from derringers to magnums, wheel guns to semi-autos. Finally decided to join the Glock crowd after deciding the .40 S&W might be the cartridge for me. I looked into some of the other platforms for the .40, but in the end the G27 gen4 just felt right at home in my hand and the reputation of the company is second to none.

    I already spend a lot of time at the range playing with my pet AR-15. I built it from scratch chambered in 6.8mm (6.8 SPC II, specifically). Now, I've got another great reason to spend time at the range. I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, so a good part of the year I'm setting up targets in snow knee deep or deeper.

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    Welcome to the forum!!! Lots of great guys here!!!

    What I would give for snow right now... (phoenix native)

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    Welcome to the forum Bilge! I hope you come to enjoy it here as I have. I think it's awesome that you got your first permit years ago. I look forward to your contributions on this forum and I'm sure you have a wealth of knowledge to share with us all! Welcome to the club. I have a G27g4 as well. Just curious, what made you decide on that cartridge specifically?
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    Welcome To the UP Bilge!! Enjoy the forum!!
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    Welcome to the Forum! This is a great community. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
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    Welcome. You've joined a great little community here. Looking forward to talkin to you.
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    Thanks everyone!

    Among others, I've carried 9mms, and .45s. I've been interested in the .40 S&W for quite some time. It seemed a good intermediate cartridge between the 9 and 45. Now that it's been around a while, it's proven its effectiveness. Plus, with its popularity, the ammo is reasonably priced and readily available. So, I can get plenty of trigger time.

    The latter is key to whether I'll carry it or not. When I carried semi-autos in the past, I was at the range weekly. When things changed and I wasn't able to get to the range on any sort of a regular basis, I went back to carrying my .38 snubby. If a revolver fails to fire, the procedure is simple, pull the trigger again. If a semi-auto malfunctions, knowing how to handle it had better be instinctive. You can't call a time out in a fire fight.:D
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