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Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by rickjames, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. rickjames

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    I have two young girls 3 & 1 and I am looking for a safe for my gun when I bring it home Friday.
    Any ideas? I don't want to spend a fortune but I also don't want to get some cheap pos.
    Thank you, Rick James
  2. snooch

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  3. DonCav

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    I use the mini vault deluxe by gun vault. Check it out
  4. rickjames

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    Thanks for the options you guys listed. I was looking at the mini vault deluxe on amazon and there were mixed reviews, about 50/50. Some say it's garbage and some say it's great. How long have you had yours DonCav? ever have any issues that needed replacement?
  5. thanks2macdonald

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    I have a safe very close to the bigger sentry item shown and a gun vault. There are both solid. Both are lag bolted to floor in a room my sons rarely are in without me present. I also have talked to my sons about guns and even hold them to reduce curiosity. The younger is 6 so they are learning about what guns a for and what they are capable of doing.
  6. Argyle64

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    I have a Bear Safe bolted to the floor in our master bedroom closet. Impossible to move or pry open the door. If a tornado hits my house (very likely here in OK) I'm confident in knowing it'll still be standing.
  7. Green-Water

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    I have a GunVault for my G17 and I love it.
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  8. rickjames

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    I went with the gun vault $89 shipped from Amazon
  9. 3L3C7R0

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    I have a Gun Vault bolted to my desk.

  10. brannon67

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    I dont have children, so I either have my carry gun on me or beside me on the nightstand. I keep my other pistols and rifles in a tall gun safe. I carry two pistols, a S&M Bodyguard 380 and a Beretta Nano, which I switch up. I have my Glock 17 for the range mostly now.

    I remember growing up in the late 60's-70's as a kid, and dad having guns in the house. I never touched them. He taught me to respect guns. He taught me that guns can be your friend, or they can be your worst enemy. The can protect, or they can hurt or kill you, so I never ever touched them. He took me out alot to shoot some of them, but I never had the curiosity to pick one up on my own and mess with it, because I knew. Do parents today even tell their children about guns? I wonder.
  11. rickjames

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    What do you think is a proper age to introduce a gun to children? I am truthful with my children and don't want them asking me " Dad, what's in that box?" Without me having an honest answer. I understand my children are ages 3 & 1, but my 3 year old understands what DONT YOU EVER TOUCH THIS means. I will always have my gun(s) locked up, unless carrying, where they won't know until they reach at least 6 years.
  12. G17XJ_BS

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    I'm in the same boat man, my son is about to turn 4 in few months. He sees me getting packed to go shoot and wants to go along. I haven't let him see where any weapons are at in the house yet. My pistol is in a small safe ready to go, but my long guns have no where to go really just hidden in my room unloaded and separate from ammo. We watch alot of hunting on tv and I randomly mention that "gun killed that goose,duck,deer,etc" so he might kinda understand that they are powerful tools. I have not done any kind of hands on teaching yet.
  13. thanks2macdonald

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    My thought is let them know about it and educate them on gun safety. I'm from downstate IL and guns are just more commonly accepted as a part of life. Kids are shooting rifles at 7-8 years old from my hometown and surrounding towns. Up here around Chicago it's all about guns are bad and its more political. I think it needs to be normalized for kids that guns are ok but stay away unless around adults with good sense. But I still make sure to keep my guns inaccessible just in case.

    See this link for more info -
  14. RRoss

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    I have a 6 yr old girl and an 8 yr old boy. I have the Barska Standard Gun safe. Biometric, keypad, and keyed entry. Bolted to the inside of my Dresser cabinet, it holds 2 guns (my G26 and my wife's Diamondback DB9), ammo, and important papers. it ran about $200. and I love it.
  15. Kmurray96

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    Do like me. GunVault, bolted to the nite stand, which in turn is bolted through the floor into the cellar.
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