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Glock 17. Easy on my arthritis
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Safariland 7371-895 holster with my brand new Glock 42...left a couple of permanent bite marks on the top of the slide...more visible in, some will say 'That's normal holster wear', but a properly designed holster shouldn't damage your pistol... :(

Bummed about my new Glock getting marked up so soon, and again, I know it won't stay perfect forever, but damn, I just got it, ya know?

Didn't expect this from a brand name like Safariland.

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Ouch! I practice quickly drawing mine at the range. It's an indoor one and I'm friendly with the owner. Anyway. There's a nice set of wear and tear on my Glock and my holster. Better than getting out drawn. Thanks for sharing brother
any gun you want to keep pristine you shouldnt carry anyway.

After a few years itll look like this

not bad for about 2,000 times in and out of a kydex holster and carrying for 12-13 hours a day

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In Texas we call that broken in. LoL
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