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  1. Hello Guys,
    Well, part of my Christmas Gift Package from my Son Matt was a Safariland 6378 ALS Paddle Holster for my Glock 23 w/TLR-! Surefire Light. I had also received a Dillon "Bed Holster Bracket" that between the two makes a very handy and serviceable night time companion.
    Thanks Matt, it's the gift that keeps on giving! :cool:

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  2. havasu

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    The mattress holster looks great provided you don't have any young-uns living with you!

  3. Nope... Kiddo's are all raised & gone... Just me and the mrs. You're right though, when the grand kids come for a sleepover it goes right in the safe! ;)
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    Merry Christmas! Looks good!
  5. Dirty J

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    I'm looking for a holster to fit my 21SF with the TLR-1. The Safariland "holster finder" has been confusing for me to use!

    It shows different models for the 21 and 21sf. Doesn't make a bit of sense, since the dimensions are the same except for the grip circumference. (mine is the standard Glock rail).

    Sent them an email and waiting on a reply. I'm looking at the 5188 (no ALS).

    How tight of a fit is this? It grips the light.. Not the pistol. Correct?
  6. Safariland Holster...

    Hey Dirty J,
    My son called in and gave them the specifics of my Glock 23 with the Surefire TLR-1 and they custom built it in the flat finish that you see. Matt was quite pleased with the Customer Service that was extended to him. Give em a call! ;)
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