S&W M&P 22 Handgun Jamming - Help!!!!

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by scorbing, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. scorbing

    scorbing New Member

    OK I just bought the M&P 22 for my GF and this thing is brand new and it has jammed so many times now it's not even funny.

    It doesn't like American Eagle .22 LR ammo. It doesn't like CCI .22 Quiet 22 either. The only ammo that it seemed to like was Remington 22 LR Thunderbolt.

    The lady at the gunshop told me to do a full cleaning on it because sometimes they come with way to much grease from the factory so I took it home and disassembled it and did a full cleaning. Sprayed that sucker with cleaner/lubricant. Left it on for about 1 hour and wiped it all out. Lots of dirt indeed.

    I am hoping this fixes the problem because I am starting to really get upset. New gun and it wasn't cheap either.

    Any suggestions? All comments and inputs welcome.
  2. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    I have a GSG 1911-22 and I only run CCI mini-mags in it..It has been dead on reliable since I stuck with them..Good Luck!

  3. ash1012

    ash1012 New Member

    Sry to hear that your 22 is working, it might just need to be broken in. I know that is a problem with a lot of other 22s
  4. glocknloaded

    glocknloaded Click Click Boom Supporter

    .22 chambered firearms can be finicky. I've heard nothing but good things about the M&P.

    If you pulled a lot of gunk and dirt out I'd almost beat that's what it is.

    I've had to deal with S&W for new sights for a M&P and they were great. I wouldn't hesitate to call them.
  5. scorbing

    scorbing New Member

    Mmmm....I might have to try that one out.
  6. Dan75719

    Dan75719 New Member

    My M&P 22 had several failures when I first got it. I cleaned it up real good because it did have a lot of grease and gunk when I bought it. I use either Federal or CCI ammo. I have a few failures now as is common with 22s, but the cleaning really helped with mine so hopefully yours will be good now.
  7. Birddogyz

    Birddogyz Regular Guy

    Most of the .22 semi auto's need to run a good high velocity load. The cleaning will also do wonders.
  8. scorbing

    scorbing New Member


    High Velocity Loads such as?
  9. Birddogyz

    Birddogyz Regular Guy

    CCI Mini Mags are my favorite to run in mine. I get 20% FTE using standard velocity in the bulk packs. On the other hand it gives great practice clearing FTE's.
  10. scorbing

    scorbing New Member


    Cool. Thanks. I will try them next time. I did cleaned the hell out of it tonight. Sprayed that sucker up inside and out real good and it's spotless now. We'll see how it behaves next time with the CCI Mini Mag.
  11. Birddogyz

    Birddogyz Regular Guy

    My Browning Buck Mark likes to build up burnt powder on the seating surface of the slide and causing it to stick a little. They liked to be cleaned and the slides oiled.
  12. Deuce

    Deuce Because 2 Are Better Then 1

    Rounds that are around 1200 FPS.
  13. dwcfastrice

    dwcfastrice Active Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    Besides the cleaning (make sure it's a full take down and clean), I'd also point to the Ammo.

    Not knowing what type of "jam" (FTE, FTF, etc. etc.), it's hard to give you a definitive answer.

    There's a lot of variables in the manuf. of .22 rimfire ammo so realistically, trying a bunch of differen brands until you find the one that consistently works for you (and sticking with that) is your best bet.

    +1 to the CCI Minimags. AE .22 (in the red box) is supposedly rated for 1280 fps BUT .22 velocities can very tremendously, even out of the same box.

    I'd give the Minimags a try and see how they do.

  14. buildit

    buildit Another gun nut

    My friends M&P22 had some issues too. Seemed to be binding up so I cleaned it out real good for her and now it's working fine again. IMHO it still had some machining grit in it or maybe some brass casing caught around the slides. Other than that it has worked great on CCI high velocity, Federal target rounds and even some Winchester target rounds. Hope you get it straightened out.
  15. ANIMAL!!!

    ANIMAL!!! New Member

    The CCI quiet .22lr doesn't have enough energy toxycle the action of a semi auto. I've also had problems with the federal red box.22's.
  16. armedcitizen

    armedcitizen New Member

    If it does not run on cci mini mags you have something wrong. Don't use subsonic ammo in a semi auto .22. After several hundred rounds of cci mini mags try the federal bulk ammo and see if if will work with those. Sometime the parts need to break in.
  17. Deuce

    Deuce Because 2 Are Better Then 1


    But don't think that you have to use CCI Mini Mags. My Sig 1911-22 runs great with both Remington Golden Bullet HV (1280 FPS) and (I am surprised) Centurion HV (1250 FPS). I use these because CCI's are hard to find and cost more.
  18. Birddogyz

    Birddogyz Regular Guy

    1435 fps, yes that should work fine.
  19. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    It is an unacknowledged fact that .22LR-chambered semiauto pistols are picky when it comes to ammo that will function them reliably.

    Consider this: 99% of all off-the-shelf .22LR ammo is designed to be fired out of a rifle, whose long barrel holds the bullet in the bore sufficiently long enough for the burning gunpowder to develop maximum (design) velocity of the bullet, before functioning the action (as in the case of a semiauto rifles) or before the shooter can extract and chamber a new round (as in the case of bolt-action rifles).

    By comparison, a semiauto pistol has such a short barrel by comparison (with a rifle) that a lot of gunpowder is burnt off after the bullet has left the barrel (compare muzzle flashes -caused by unburnt powder- between a .22LR rifle and a .22LR semiauto pistol...the pistol will have a huge fireball, much larger than that of the rifle). The wasted gunpowder does nothing, nothing at all, it is wasted. That is why most bulk (in fact, all bulk .22LR ammo that I know of) will NOT function a .22LR semiauto pistol, so far as I know. And I am a gunsmith.

    To overcome this, use of very high velocity .22LR ammo (such as CCI MiniMags and the like) will work best, since the powder formulation in them allows peak pressures to develop faster than other (i.e., "bulk") kinds of .22LR ammo, providing enough initial as well as residual energy to function the slide and all associated mechanical operations.

    As an aside, also note that some firearms (both pistols and rifles) in this caliber CAN BE but are not always picky about the geometry of the bullet. I have an AMT BAKUP in .22LR that will always (meaning 100% of the time) jam the bullet with the hollow point snagging on the feed ramp, on bare lead bullets. Hence I can only shoot copper-jacketted rounds thru her. Keep that in mind when (if) you encounter feeding issues.

    Also, we all know a new firearm must also be broken in, to allow machining irregularities to work themselves smooth.

    Both those factors combine to result in the symptoms reported here. Use of CCI MiniMags or equivalent, PLUS a decent breaking-in period, will result in a .22LR pistol that is both economical and fun to shoot. Hope that helps!