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Ruger p89

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Want a price check on this ruger p89 someone is selling for $400 it is in realy good condition used wanted to know if it is to much


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Yes. That is too much. My Brother bought a P-95 new for $250. Ruger pistols are fine but I would shell out $400 for a number of other pistols first. That Ruger wouldn't even be at the bottom of the list.
350$ is about the going rate for the used P89's, I sold mine for 325$ but not quite as nice shape as the one you have in the picture.
Are they good guns because I found a ruger p95 for $300
they are better then the 95's imo, the going rate for the 95's now are $299, the 89's retailed over $500 but usually sold for about $425 to $450.
The 89's are all steel and the 95's are poly. If I were to chose from a new 95 or a nice 89 like you pictured I would go with the 89, if weight is a concern go with the 95.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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