ruger p 89 fte

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by kulok77, May 19, 2012.

  1. kulok77

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    a buddy of mine has this ruger p89 9mm and it has a failure to eject alot.does anybody know what parts to fix or replace .ps i told him my advice was sell'em and go buy a Glock and move on.
  2. Thats some good advice lol, but if the firearm is operating correctly, and the spent shells arent being pulled out of the chamber, check the extractor.... or if he has a non-stock RSA (recoil spring assembly) and the spring strength is too great for the ammo he is using, that could be another reason why his firearm may not be cycling properly everytime, if that is the issue.

  3. tinnokr

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    I agree with Bryan, i love my P89 have sent at least a few thousand rounds down range with her and never one problem.
  4. Has he called Ruger tech support? I have always had great support from them. They, like Glock, stand by their guns.
  5. kulok77

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    As far as I know it does not pull the spent,but feeds a new round in to the back of it
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    The last time i tried to contact them you had to do it by email, they were so backlogged with orders they put a recording on the phone to do the email thing as well.