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    What are your opinions on the LCP? I have field stripped one and it breaks down like a little Glock. I am thinking of getting one for carry during the hottest summer days. I will still carry my Glock 27 the other 9 or 10 months. I figure when I have to wear very light clothing so will the bad guys. The .380 Hornady Critical Defense has impressed me ballistically. Please let me know any experiences you have with the LCP, good or bad. I am also thinking of adding a Crimson Trace laser so the poor sights will not be as much as of a problem.
  2. Not bad at all for a super small CCW gun BUT the only two things I don't like about them are.....the slide doesn't lock back on the last round{problem that was corrected with the introduction of the LC9} and the extremely long/stiff trigger pull{typical ruger}. Nothing that would make me sell it though.

    Some of the LCP's come with a CT trigger guard laser on them. If you catch them at the right place and time they are the same price as the ones w/o.

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    I have one and love it!!! Sometimes I BUG it with my 27/23. I let my buddy who wasn't a big .380 guy shoot mine and he fell in love and he ended up buying one, I think he even bought one for his girl like he did with the 19. But I mostly BUG it. But in your situation like the hot summer days I use either my 27/CZ RAMI/Bersa Thunder in a Thunder wear setup with gym shorts. I use powr'ball but critical defense are just as good for the .380.
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    Personally it is O.K. I prefer my Sig p238 over the LCP. The P238 is 100x easier to shoot and detail strip is almost as easy as a glock. The I haven't detail stripped the LCP because it really seemed like a p.i.t.a. If you get a chance shoot one.
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    I actually purchased one on Saturday with the factory mounter laser. I purchased the one with the laser because the sights are horrible. It is a small gun though. It's definitely not a range gun. It's not enjoyable to shoot. It barks quite a bit. But the concealability (is that a word?) is amazing. It does have a long trigger pull, but that's a good thing if it's in your pocket. So far I'm satisfied with my purchase. I've fired 25 target and 5 federal self defense (temporary self defense ammo) and I had no failures. Lack of locking the slide back isn't an issue for me for a firearm that only holds 6+1 anyways. All around a great gun for the price. Probably be the only U.S.A. Made handgun I'll ever own.
  8. I have an LCP that my old lady carries... I personally HATE it, hate the trigger pull, hate the size... I cant hit a damn thing with it but I haven't practiced with it much. I don't like the way you have to pull the little plastic pin to break it down and mine has a failure to extract every other mag.

    I also HATE the way the slide doesn't stay back after the last round from its tiny 6 rd mag. That 7th rd that isnt there that takes 5 minutes to get aimed properly and finally squeeze the 42lb trigger sucks!!!

    She likes it but after shooting my Glocks... no comparison. I want to get rid of the tiny damn thing... she likes it though. Women?!?
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    I love mine. Fits perfect in cargo shorts pocket on a hot day, or just about anywhere else!! Shoots great. No sharp edges to catch on anything. Don't mind the sights cause they won't snag, and if you are having to use this, I doubt you will need the sights anyways. My .02
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    My summertime OD carry. Can drop it with the pocket holster in a jeans pocket and the pocket completely closes over it.

    Tip: Paint the front site white or neon pink. Get used to the point of aim and practice. I qual'd with the little sucker first try after only 50 practice rounds (I painted the front site after the practice as an afterthought which turned out to be a stroke of genius).

    As with all Rugers, it's a rugged little gun that your grandchildren will probably end up shooting. And you can't beat the price.
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    Put a Carbon Fiber LCP on layaway. Should get it in a couple of weeks. Couldn't risk it being gone when my money is ready. Rugers are getting hard to come by. This is a picture I found on the net.

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  12. GlockIt

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    Congrats you'll love it!!!