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  1. HazmatJeff

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    So I recently bought a Ruger SR9C and after putting about 30 rounds downrange unnoticed that there was some copper on the feed ramp. After breaking it down and cleaning it, the copper came right of. I was curious to see if that was a normal thing to happen, the hollow point "painting" the feed ramp. Or of it was an issue with my ammo or my gun.

    The ammo was Remington UMC 115g 9mm JHP and the gun is brand new.
  2. bfish

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    I'm not familiar with your gun but in my experiences it is usually a form of grease from the factory if new that does look like a "copper" or just where the brass rubs. I know this isnt of any help but it doesn't sound like anything to worry about. Maybe someone will better first hand knowledge will post soon

  3. Shep482

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    Does it look like this?


    This is my G23. I have not cleaned it since shooting Saturday. It looks like a rub.

    Or does it look like this?


    On the slide of course. My understanding is that it is lubricant. I'm sure someone here can be more exact.

    I was also shooting Remington UMC. In .40 though.
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  4. HazmatJeff

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    It looks exactly like the first picture you posted, except I have more of a copper color on the feed ramp

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  5. Not a problem at all if it wipes clean my SR9 does the same when I shoot a few.
  6. odgreen

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    That's cosmaline and comes standard in some guns from the factory. You will want to clean that out and after a couple of shooting/cleaning sessions with CLP you should be good to go.
  7. pwill4th

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    I have a SR9C and I'm getting the occasional stove pipe. Is anyone else having this concern. I polished the feed ramp and I purchased the gun new? I have put a minimum if 500 rounds through the gun.
  8. jimmyalbrecht

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    A stove pipe means that the round is feeding, so polishing the feed ramp will not solve that problem. It could be either the ammo or the extractor. I'm not an expert on Ruger handguns, but these would be my two guesses. What brand of ammo are you using? Even Glocks get stovepipes with cheap ammo.
  9. Shep482

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    My rub is copper colored also it just looks shiny silver in the pic.
  10. pwill4th

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    I use everything except the Russian ammo, so I don't know which brand.
  11. It sounds like more of an extractor problem. I owned a SR9 and I put over 300 rounds of various brands of ammo, including the Russian made Tula before i sold it for other things i disliked about it and I never had ANY malfuctions.
  12. Eye_Peeled

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    Jimmy is correct; the feed ramp would have nothing to do with stove piping. Polishing a feed ramp may help a feed issue. You're describing an extraction issue. Stove piping could also occur if the shooter is limp wristing.
  13. Hey HazematJeff check with the guys over on I'm on there and it's a good forum hope they can help you bud.
  14. dwcfastrice

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    That feed ramp looks REALLY rough. Depending on the type of ammo, it could be "scraping" the bullet as it enters the chamber, lleave residue on the feed ramp. A polish would help but, If your not having a feeding issue, it's not hurting anything and a DYI feed ramp polish may remove too much material. If you change ammo, it may go away.

    Is it greasy/waxy? Cosmoline feels kind of greasy. I don't think it would be cosmo if it wasn't there before you went to the range. Cosmo doesn't have a really high melting point either so heat from firing could liquefy it.

    I'd venture its the ammo. For instance, Remington golden bullets seem to leave gold residue/ powder everywhere whenever I use it.

  15. pwill4th

    pwill4th New Member

    I sent it back to Ruger and the extractor was replaced. Once I received the gun back from Ruger, I put 100+ rounds down range with know concerns.
  16. AlexMartz

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    I'd like to agree with bfish. The entire inner rail of my slide on my glock was covered in that weird grease. I did have some on my firing pin housing, but none on my barrel or anything. Your best bet is to call Ruger and ask.