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    Every Sunday night I have my girlfriend take all my carry ammo out of the magazine I used all week and rotate it to another magazine so my springs don't wear down . Here's the question should I put new ammo in it every time I do that or does it matter ?
  2. You are rotating far too often, once a month and even that isn't really needed. For me every month when I rotate i reuse the ammo EXCEPT rounds that have been chambered. Never ever chamber a round a second time unless you intend to fire it off. Twice a year i do a complete ammo change out and drop the old stuff in the range box.

  3. I've never experienced bullet set back and I've rechambered rounds many times over after range trips when I put the carry ammo back in. Granted I don't keep up with which one was on top I just pick them back up and reload. Not saying it can't happen but I've never seen it.

    I do shoot carry loads off every now and then and load fresh back up.

    To the OP......
    All my mags stay loaded all the time. Being loaded or unloaded isn't what wears them out. It's the motion of loading and unloading that wears them out.......which would take a LOOOOOOONG time anyway.
  4. I have not either, with one exception that ended up being a bad primer. In that case i'm glad because it was a almost ND.

    My rotation of ammo comes from research coupled with paranoia. I only unchamber my EDC maybe 6 times a year, so i don't mind tossing 6 rounds a year down range on paranoia.
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    When I went to my ccw a sheriff teaching the class said the sprigs being under constant strain he said to rotate them weakly
  6. "Different strokes for different folks"
  7. They are designed to be under constant strain and if you wear one out it is because that magazine was defective. My Glock 19 came with two magazines. Rotating monthly that Glock has seen over 50,000 rounds and they are still hard to load. My Glock 17 came with three magazines, one stayed loaded up for five years. When I finally shot that ammo out the magazine showed no sign of wear.

    Swapping monthly is plenty. I would argue with the instructor that you run a higher chance of introducing dirt and such to the magazine by messing with them so often. The exception being if you carry in the desert or play in sand boxes.
  8. yea that too. some guys just like messing with stuff lol
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    Ok heres my .02 . In my experience it totally depends on the quality of the magazine. A higher end mag will not fatigue the spring, while a less expensive will. I had this happen on my sks. Now I leave all my handgun mags loaded in the safe and have never had a problem . I agree once a week is a little over kill but what the hell it cannot hurt anything doing this esp is your not the one reloading them lol..

    Id say monthly is a better choice , but even still not necessary ..