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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Buff1968, Oct 7, 2017.

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    What is the Glock rotating barrel? How does it work and what is its purpose?
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    I get it. Don't get the benefit. Slide locked and barrel is horizontal versus angled up. Ok. Benefit?
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    I’ll buy one as soon as they reach the market. That’s a fact
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    This was a requirement of the German entity contract for the design of the G46. No plans to release the gun for civilian purchase I'm told. I can only speculate, but the rotating barrel lockup isn't new and has existed on other German built brands for decades.

    Colt used the design back in the 80's too, for a 9mm named the All American if I remember right. The gun got no traction in the market vs. the just intro'd G17 and was not built for long.

    I haven't thought about it in decades, but if memory serves the design in theory allowed for a tighter lockup and so perhaps better accuracy for the 9mm and the twist on extraction was said to improve the extraction of sticky cases. Maybe, but just as likely, Germans do like precision even if as a practical matter it makes no real performance difference.
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    I know it's an accuracy thing. Tighter barrel to frame relationship?
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    I say **** anything that is designed like a Beretta. I prefer my Glocks as is.
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