Roaming the streets with a gun vs OC walking outside

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    See link below. Since I took my Ohio CCW class from officers on this force, who were instructors who strongly supported CCW, I have to give police the benefit of the doubt.

    I posted this though to speculate; what if the suspect did nothing wrong? Should OC automatically equal a panic charge? What did this guy actually do!

    This same police responded to my brother in law. My brother in law, 2 years ago, was carrying a shotgun into his house from the range. Broken down, visibly open. Concerned citizen reported MWG to police. SWAT team was called. He heard a commotion outside his house and went outside to find guns pointed at him. He put his hands in the air, "wait I have not done anything wrong.". You know what. He didn't do anything wrong!

    This is, unfortunately, what open carry gets you.

    Suspect caught; Xenia schools closed

    Xenia police caught the man believed to be the suspect roaming the streets Thursday morning armed with a gun.

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    One reason i dont open carry much. People tend to "panic", when theres nothing to panic about.


    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Here in AZ… I have had no problems, not even in Sedona.
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    If my dogs drag me to the window because of someone aimlessly roaming my neighborhood at 1:30AM, that someone is going to get the cops called on him for the "aimlessly" bit, gun or no gun.

    At 7AM, this would be an overreaction.
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    Exactly why schools need to educate students about firearms laws and firearm safety.
  6. iGlock

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    Ive had a couple problems in AZ. Phoenix mainly, where i live.
  7. rivalarrival

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    I do think the police have someone in a decision-making capacity overreacting. Why were the schools closed? Why was SWAT called out to check on the OPs brother? These seem like pretty significant overreactions.

    Still, at 1:30AM, it wouldn't take much to get me to call the cops out to check on a suspicious individual.

    Still, unless he was doing something more than just roaming the streets while OC'ing, I doubt the "panic" charge will hold up.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    What problems?
  9. iGlock

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    Just your usual police harrassment. But once they see the ccw they tend to be more at ease.
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    There has to be more to that story than that.

    Inducing panic??

    Walking down the street does not "induce panic".

    Walking down the street WAVING a gun, or shouting with a gun at 1am, or only wearing a holster and a gun at 1am may induce panic, but merely being somewhere and not loitering is NOT inducing panic.

    Wandering around the streets at 1am will probably get you stopped no matter what weapon you're carrying (baseball bat, ninja stars, Jedi sabre, etc) but just walking is not inducing panic.

    The rest of this short story should be interesting.

    I've been stopped late at night for open carry on my motorcycle but it was a non-event.

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    Yes, it does sound like something is missing from the story....first reported at 1:30AM, and the guy was accosted by police at 6 hours he ought to have been able to walk into another county.

    Over here, an open carry state with fair gun laws (compared to other states), a MWG call can often generate a SO (with local PD) response, including the Raven helicopters and school lockdowns, but not at 1:30 in the morning. Also, depending on the "particular circumstances", the man with the gun can be charged with inciting public's happened before.

    Even though it is an open carry state, there are places where (largely thanks to media brainwashing) it is ethically inappropriate to carry, and during special city events open carry rights are suspended.

    That being said, it is common enough to see people carrying uncased firearms from their vehicles into their homes and vice versa. Not the same as walking down the street with a rifle in his hands, or a holstered pistol on his waist.

    Funny story: I came home once after a fun shoot session with some close friends, to find several local PD cruisers "visiting" my next door neighbor (who has a history of drug dealing), at about 3:00 in the afternoon. Had 2 cars in the driveway, so I parked my H2 on the curb, nodded and smiled at the officers, saying "Good Afternoon, Officer. Is everything alright?" (of course, if it wasn't he wouldn't tell me), and I waved a "hi" to them as I opened the back of the Hummer, and started carrying uncased ARs into the house (I had 5 of them that day) and an AK47 and cases of ammo. They did not approach me or question me in any way. They did not seem to me to be preparing to reach for their own guns or anything. In fact, when I was pulling the shot-up targets out of the back and into my garage, one of them said "Looks like you had some fun today". Moral of the story: the gun is only one factor. Demeanor and cooperativeness are other factors. The cops did not start their day thinking they will find someone to harass over gun possession.

    Here's another one: when I bought my very first SKS, it was from a pawnshop in the middle of downtown, and there being no available parking, I had to park in the Dairy Queen parking lot 4 blocks from the pawnshop. This was while I was on lunchbreak from work. Since there is no mandatory wait period in Nevada, I fully expected to have the rifle in my hands within less than 20 to 30 minutes. Yep, and I walked out of the pawnshop holding that SKS, on the main road thru downtown Reno, up 4 blocks to my car. No incidents. But then again, I was not trying to look like a bada$$, you know, making eye contact with a frown on my face and all that, nor was I walking too fast or too slow. Demeanor communicates a lot, too.

    Just thought I'd toss that in.

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    I am guessing that the police saw your avatar and knew you were a knight and you were one of the good guys ;)

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Yes, demeanor communicates a lot. Whenever I open carry I dress professionally. A polo, good jeans or tactical pants. I also where a cowboy hat boots most of the time. It is very hard to confuse me with a gangbanger.