RIP chief warrent officer Edward Cantrell, killed trying to save his kids from fire

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    Very sad...may him and hes girls RIP.

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    Very sad indeed. Rip!
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    So very sad and tragic. To survive six tours I believe I read and to sadly be taken out by his own home. May him and his daughter's R.I.P. My deepest condolences and best of wishes to his wife.
  4. I cannot even imagine. RIP.
  5. Very brave beret, four bronze stars, purple heart. Home from 5th combat zone and dies trying to save his girls who also perished in the fire, he didn't have to go back inside..but he did. A True HERO in every aspect of the word. Hits me very hard as his home is about a 30 min drive from me. Rest in Peace brother. Thank you for your valor in war and in your own home sir.

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    Personally I think he should have a medal for his heroic effort at home, too..
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    RIP CWO Edward Cantrell...