RIP Carroll Shelby !

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  2. TampaBaySean

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    2 of my favorites !

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  3. You will be missed.


    Man this car turns me on!
  4. Levelcross

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    The original Cobra and Elenore the '67 Fastback..........:D
  5. This is a sad day for any car entusiast. Not just Mustang lovers.

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  6. iGlock

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    Even though im a camaro guy and not into fords or mustangs carroll shelby invented one of the greatest muscle cars ever built. RIP
  7. GunnerGSP

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    The only guy that could get away with Carroll for a first name.

    Beautiful cars. My head is on a swivel when I see one.
  8. brutusvk

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    So sad. He was a legend and a hellava nice guy.
  9. ZombieNinja

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    He was a legend. Been there since the early days. One of the best car guys and now a car god. Father of the Cobra RIP
  10. g572

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    A true legend-then and now. RIP Mr Shelby.