Restoring an old Glock

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  1. My dad recently gave me his service Glock 17 after he retired from the police dept. (His retirement gift was a third gen Glock 23). I love everything about the gun, however it needs a little sprucing up( its a Gen one or two) having been in service since the late eighties. My question is, is there any way to restore it to its original color? Duracoat, Cerakote? Blueing? I don't know where to start.
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    You could ship it back to GLOCK and they will recoat the slide and dress it up as best they can. They too will update any needed parts to continue it's safe functionality.

    Thanks to your Dad for his service!

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    I would recommend Duracoat or Cerakote. Don't Blue it, but that is just my opinon. Also, if you check out some gun shows, a lot of them have a Glock Armorer that will go through it and replace anythng that is overly worn. They charge for it, but it is nominal in my opinion. If you know of a GSSF competition, the armorers are typically there too and sometimes will go through it for free!
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    This is what I'd do. The refinish is $65 I believe & the parts upgrade is free. They'll also update the magazines if you send them in. You can have new Glock night sights installed for another $65 or if you want stock sights, they might install them for free, or for a few dollars.

    Other than any marks on the frame, they'll send it back to you as close to new as you can get.
  5. Thx for the advice!

    I believe I will look into shipping it to Glock. Thanks for the replies!
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    Do you really want to do that?

    It was Dad's gun!

    It won't look like Dad's gun when it comes back.

    It is perfectly fine as is. Maybe, have an armorer check the internals.

    One of these days, dear old Dad will leave you. It will be a good therapy to take his gun from the safe, look at the worn finish, rub your fingers over the small nicks here and there. Then take it out and fire a few rounds. Clean it, put it back in the safe and save it for your kids. So what if it has a few miles on it, so does your Dad and both got their worn exteriors and dings honestly, working to support the family.
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