Removing The Finger Grooves

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by AR-556, May 8, 2020.

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    As y'all know l now own a Gen 3 G21. I am NOT a fan of the finger grooves and am thinking about removing them myself, or sending it away to have it done. I am very good at mechanical projects and think l might be able to do this myself with my Dremel. Or, l can send it away to a company named and they will do it for $30. I still have a few $100 left from my stimulus check, so l don't think $30 will hurt me.
    Has anyone here removed their Glock finger grooves? And, if so, did you use a Dremel? Pics? Or, has anyone here sent their Glock away to have the finger grooves removed? If so, where did you send it? What did they charge you? Pics?
    Thank You!
  2. rbbeers

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    Yes and yes (then a fine flat file followed by 600 grit emery cloth).

    For example...

    WML 1a.jpg
    WML 1b.jpg

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  3. grayman

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    Well $30 Is $30, I did this myself just to the lowest one(I have a weird monkey pinky and It rode right on that lip) and a bit to the trigger guard fit's me perfect now.
    Doing It yourself let's you fit It to you're hand and lets face It with the Bud light virus going on It does give you something to do, I mean really how many walks and how much yard work can a person do?
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    Bob, you did an excellent job. That grip looks very nice.
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    Awesome job sir! I like the undercut, a pro look there
  6. Southlake

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    2DC4EAE6-9AF5-4678-935B-731CEF9DFDA7.jpeg I like them.
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    Thank you, My Intention was to remove just enough to make It comfortable for me...saw to many where they went nuts, and the trigger guard broke after the first shot then ask "how do I fix this?"
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  8. SJ 40

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    I removed my finger grooves and all the other I'lls of Gastons idea of frame perfection, all of my Glocks with the exception of the G 44 now wear Polymer 80 frames, much closer to perfection.
  9. Genifour

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    In my experience, removing finger grooves is expensive. It cost me about $500.


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  10. Danzig

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    Magic! BD728081-73A9-44A8-9195-2145D767A9FC.gif
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    That is why I suggested P 80,they are often 119.00 on sale and even cheaper for Black Friday.
    For myself it was more cost effective than sending off to be chopped and stippled,shipping costs, not to mention the time without the gun.
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