Removing surface rust. Suggestions.

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by dwcfastrice, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. dwcfastrice

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    Not for a glock.

    I have a few guns I am restoring that have light surface rust on the blueing. I'd like to preserve that blueing. In the past, I've used Birchwood Casey's Blue and Rust remover, which works great, but I don't want to remove the blue.

    Any folks out there with experience restoring old finishes without refinishing?

  2. david1962hd

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    0000 steel wool and 3 in 1 oil works for light surface rust.
    And no it will not scratch the rest of the blueing.
    Just remember all steel wool ain't the same make sure its "0000".
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  3. I have no experience removing rust or reblueing, but from watching shows like Pawn Stars and Guns & Gold, removing rust and refinishing firearms and coins reduces their value significantly. If this is a $100 .22 rifle, no big deal, but if you're working on a pre-64 Winchester or any other collectible, I'd either leave it alone, contact a professional who has verifiable experience, or simply spray it down with something like Ballistol or CLP to protect from further problems.
  4. ZombieNinja

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    Neverdull! Stuff works wonders and it's mostly cotton wadding so no scratching or abrasion to worry about. It's not a harsh enough chemical to remove bluing either. Will take an amazing amount of rust off with a good amount of elbow grease conversely.
  5. dwcfastrice

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    neverdull... is that the stuff that comes in the metal can? Blue with white writing? I'll have to google it. If it is, I remember using that and Brasso to polish stuff in ROTC.

    I might give that a shot, or the 0000 steel wool.

    As for shows like Pawn Stars/guns for gold, i'd counter that with a show like American Restoration. It's the same guys that Pawn Stars uses to "Restore stuff". Either way, I don't put a lot of stock in what "alternate 'reality' shows" say. My main concern right now is an M38 Mosin. Rust will decrease the value (what little value it actually has). If rust doesn't decrease value, who here volunteers to purchase a mosin when it's advertised as "rusty"? Either way, I"m not refinishing the blue on the M38 because the blue is great. It just has a bit of rust "Scale" (the only way I can describe it), that needs to get scratched off. I want to do that without hurting the blue underneath.

    The mid 70's model Mariln 25 i'm working, taht has MAJOR rust and blue issues. That will get stripped. It has NO $$ value and WILL get re-blued.

    Is that a SPeed Triple in your Avatae, @zombieNinja?

    My favorite bike of all time. I work part time at Kaw, Suz, Yam, Kaw, and Triumph dealer.

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  6. ZombieNinja

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    Exactly the same! I keep a can of that at all times. A little tip from my pops, he kept and used that stuff on his drill uniform brass (DI) Thanks pop! RIP
    And yes, that's my Gigi! ***** is bad to the bone! 06' 1050 Speed Triple with about a dozen or more mods but but factory strong. Motor is beastly and reliable. I got just about 40k hard riding mountain miles and a handful of track days She gets no mercy and keeps on steaming. Love my Triumphs and Italian bikes.
  7. dwcfastrice

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    Thanks for the suggestion, the NEverdull worked like a charm!

    a few swipes and the surface rust came off without harming the blue underneath, leaving the exposed metal where it started to rust clean. No restoration, just rust removal.

    looks all good now.

    thanks again!
  8. zipper046

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    Never tried "neverdull".

    I usually soak the piece in CLP. It helps lift light surface rust and it also treats the metal and lubricates (great stuff). If it is rusted to where its pitted you can have a local body shop bead blast it with very fine silica media and then re-blue.
  9. dwcfastrice

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    I had tried CLP originally, and a couple of other things, but none of them was doing the trick.

    I've blasted plenty of items before, per the OP, i didn't want to remove the blueing.

  10. Eye_Peeled

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    I'll have to try that stuff. I've heard of it but never used it. I have three pre '64 Winchesters I have been wanting to get a few spots taken care of without "restoring" them. All three rifles are in great shape with a few places/spots each; which makes them not perfect.

    You say..."leaving the exposed metal where it started to rust clean". Could you elaborate on that please. Exposed as in bare metal or exposed as in no more rust? I don't really want to remove the rust and have bare metal. I have got it under control with CLP (for now) (at least I think I do). Thanks.
  11. dwcfastrice

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    Sorry about that. That sentence isn't very clear.

    the paint had worn off on some of the spots on the mosin hardware and was just "bare" metal with no blue. It was starting to grow rust on it. The Neverdull took off the rust on it, but brought it back to the bare metal "splotches" where the blue was gone.

    The spots that had some rust "Scales" on the blue, the rust was removed by the Neverdull and the blue underneath it stayed intact. It didn't remove any of the blue.

  12. ZombieNinja

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    Glad it worked out. I use that stuff for a many things! It's great, another one of those do all materials you guys can put on the shelf and keep just in case!
  13. TimReeves

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    Hey guys, Innosoft B570 also works great! The rust stains are removed within no time!