Remora vs Sticky Holster

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by Oddball Gunner, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Oddball Gunner

    Oddball Gunner New Member

    Anyone familiar with Remora or Sticky Holsters?

    I'm leaning towards Remora. Intending to use it when I'm wearing pj pants, sweat pants, or biking shorts.

    I've scoured Youtube videos but am seeking more advice.

    Opinions welcome.
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  2. I wear those pants and swim trunks with my Uncle Mikes neoprene holster. I looked into the stickys and i would barely trust them with my jeans

  3. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    I use the desanti nemesis, it's worked great for me, no problems and it's held up fine for the last couple years
  4. ratchetjaw

    ratchetjaw New Member

    Remora, plus their customer service is awesome
  5. Levelcross

    Levelcross New Member

    I have a couple of Sticky holsters and so far they have been great for IWB, my pockets are too small for pocket carry. They keep Boomer right where I put him.
  6. Blades

    Blades Senior Member

    I ordered a Remora yesterday, should be here in a few days.
  7. Blades

    Blades Senior Member

    Been playing with my Remora since Friday, still undecided...
    For those who have a Remora; do you have the reinforced opening?
  8. Oddball Gunner

    Oddball Gunner New Member

    I have the Artemis cut and reinforced top. Generally speaking, I think I like it.

    Click the thumbnails for full size:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Blades

    Blades Senior Member

    Welcome "shootruger"!

    Sorry to hear about Remora; I had great service from them myself.
  10. APPstateGLOCK

    APPstateGLOCK New Member

    Gotta go with Sticky!

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  11. McDaddy

    McDaddy New Member

    Hmmm...may have never had one before; but sounds like you've got one now! However; I have a Remora and it's OK. Have not tried the Sticky. Neither can compare to my Crossbreed but it's not a shorts or sweats friendly holster either. Goddess has a point, buy both and decide. Sounds like both have decent service departments.
  12. bfish

    bfish Member

    @ oddballgunner... How do you like your remora? I have the Artemis but not reinforced top which would be nice. The remora is fantastic though for small clothing and especially sweatpants which is when I normally use it...

    And on a side note the above is hilarious. Only on the forum would you see this haha I enjoyed reading that from goddess
  13. goddess

    goddess New Member

    Why, Thank you, Bfish! Nice to meet you all..I'll Introduce myself..I am the VP at Remora,.and looking forward to being a part of this forum!!
  14. Oddball Gunner

    Oddball Gunner New Member

    I really like the reinforced top. In most cases, one handed holstering is not an issue. The only problem I have is trying to reholster when I'm sitting down in my car. ( I remove my weapon and store it in a Nano vault when picking my 6 year old up from school. After she's buckled into her seat, I then retrieve my weapon and have to holster with it out of sight. Don't want to panic any of the other parents, staff or kids. :rolleyes: )

    The restriction on reinforced tops at Sticky Holsters is what turned me off from them. Also their recommended way of holstering: remove the holster, slide it onto your firearm (greater risk of muzzling self), then slide it back into your waistband.

    I don't wear sweat pants but do wear the mesh style Addidas athletic pants. I find the wide elastic waistband plus thick drawstring generally sufficient in holding it place. Most of my athletic shorts on the other hand, do a poor job since they have the thin drawstrings. In that case, I wear a belly band to hold a spare mag, then use my regular belt over the Remora and the belly band. The belt provides a nice "ledge" for the drawstring to anchor to.

    I'm not that happy with the Artemis cut of the holster. It does do what they say, provides a better grip when drawing, however, I think I'd want a different cut angle. I'm envisioning the top would begin just before the serrations on the slide then angling down to where the grip and trigger guard meet. I know that means a shorter holster but then again, I prefer a higher riding firearm than one of deep concealment. If deep concealment is what I was after, I would've bought a G27 instead of my G30. :) I'll try to post pics later of what I'd want.

    Another thing I'm finding is that it doesn't accomodate an extended magazine release very well. My mag release (a Lone Wolf extended mag release installed 6 or 8 weeks ago) is beginning to cut into the material itself. Again, I'll post a pic later.

    While the Remora is great and performs as advertised, there are a couple of things regarding the material that I find slightly irritating: 1.) There are times when the grippiness of the holster cause my undershirt or worse my underwear to bunch up or ride higher. Usually once a day I have to undo my belt, remove the holster, retuck my undergarments, retuck the holster, and tighten my belt; 2.) During warm or hot days, the holster sticks to my skin. I have to periodically unstick it. Although I try to be discreet, it's a good way to telegraph I'm carrying.

    Overall though, I'd give the Remora 3.8 - 4 out of 5 (stars, rounds of ammo, circles or whatever symbol you prefer). Even with the minor bits I listed above, I still highly recommend it to my friends and talk it up a lot.

    The Remora is my current IWB EDC but I think I'll be getting a Minotaur Hybrid Zero Cant soon. Besides, just like women with tons of shoes and purses, guys with 20 different guns in just as many calibers, etc... I need different holsters for different occasions :D.
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  15. Oddball Gunner

    Oddball Gunner New Member

    Oh and ... welcome to the forums Goddess!
  16. Blades

    Blades Senior Member

    Welcome to the forum "goddess"!

    What size Remora do you have? You might want to try one size smaller for a better grip.

    My Remora was bumping my extended magazine release also, so I swapped in the original one. I am thinking of trying the Vicker's Release

    or this one from JP Entrprises.

    I like the aluminum button on it.