Rem Oil vs Ballistol

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Nell2Glocks, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Nell2Glocks

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    Curious to know what the difference is between the two products, and which one you guys recommend for use on my Glocks? I'm looking for something I can use to clean and lubricate in one package. Thanks in advance!

  2. sgtcowboyusmc

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    I have used Rem oil and CLP with good results. I have used Hoppe's #9 and never added any oil on the gun and had no problems. One of the great things about these guns is they take little or no oil and keep on going!
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    I use Ballistol for lubrication and corrosion protection, it's not a very good cleaner. For cleaning the bore of the barrel and the breech face of the slide I use a phosphor bronze brush with Hoppe's #9(not the greatest solvent but it works and it's cheap). For cleaning anything else including plastic I use Hoppe's Elite Gun Cleaner. Any metal surface that I used either solvent or cleaner on then gets wiped down with Ballistol and wiped dry to give it corrosion protection.

    I had a bottle of RemOil but decided not to use it. It's nearly as thin as water and in every corrosion protection test I've seen it did the worst of any product.
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  4. michibaptist

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    Ballistol needs to sit a while and then it works pretty well for cleaning I found. But I guess different types of "dirty" require different things. But I would try letting it sit and see if it works better.
  5. Levelcross

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    If these were the two choices I would go with Ballistol, tried Rem oil once or twice.

    Nukinfuts I love the slide on your avatar, nice work.
  6. I tried Balistol after watching Hickok45 Glock cleaning videos and it is now the only thing I use. I break down my pistol and place all metal parts in a Ziplock freezer bag and spray Balistol heavy on the parts being sure to soak barrel in and out. Then, I let it marinate for at least half an hour or more. Balistol seems to have a cumulative effect, because the more often I use it, the less scrubbing I need to do. I have only used the spray but plan on buying the liquid at some point to try it. Funny thing is after using it for a while, I remembered my grandfather used to use it back in the 70's! One of the 4 things he always had around his workshop, along with JB Weld, Lestoil, and 3 in 1 oil.
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    TecShield Elite

    I'm on my first Glock, my instructor uses the TecShield Elite and recommended it when I bought my 19. I'm still learning but it does both clean and lube.

    Any pros and cons I should know about?
  8. Thanks bud. I have Glock32JarHead's here right now for an arctic camo / stainless steel / polish combo. Going to be dead sexy
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    Cannot find Ballistol in any LGS. Used Hoppes but just bought some CLP and used that for the first time. Both work well but I now prefer the CLP due to the aerosol.
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    Clp vs ballistol is the gun version of Coke vs Pepsi
  12. Gun Butter!!! Just started using it and must say I have been completely impressed. I originally purchased the stuff on the advice of a buddy whos in the "operator" community for use in one of my 1911s, and after cycling a few hundred rounds through it, Ive slowly been stripping all the old lube out of my other firearms and replacing it with butter. Ill tell ya, I immediatly felt a difference when actioning my firearm, thing is slick as snot! He's used that lube in some of the worst enviroments imaginable, so if its good enough for him, its overkill for me. lol
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    Frog Lube.. Ya heard me?
  14. Junior-G-man

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    Yup! What he said...CLP!
  15. cvitter

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    I recently switch from CLP to Ballistol. Overall I think they both do an excellent job but Ballistol is more pleasant to work smell and hazard wise. I have a bottle of Frog Lube but haven't tried it yet.
  16. zachG23

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    IV been using mouse milk works good for me after shooting a lot it still keeps a nice film
  17. zachG23

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    Mouse milk for lube and gunslick for my cleaner. Anyone everheard of those two?
  18. Remoil but I want to try some gun butter use Hoppe's 9 for the cleaner love it!
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    How do you get the mouse to be still while you milk it?

    (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

    +1 on the Ballistol. I also use Weapon Shield for lube.