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  1. db559

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    As anyone had any bad experiences using reloads in their glocks?
  2. glocknloaded

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    I buy a ton of reloads in bulk and no problems so far

  3. ash1012

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    Any recommendations for where to buy supplies at?
  4. zipper046

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    Beat place for reloading supplies i've found is Powder Valley ( prices and good availability.

    For buying reloaded ammo, there is a thread on Bulk Ammo in the Ammo section that has numerous sites online that folks use.

  5. twag4

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    Precision delta for fmj bullets. Powder valley for powder and primers.
  6. ckgonska

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    Agree with places above. Also use Berrys Mfg for plated bullets
  7. Happysniper1

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    A lot of what drives the cost of reloading ammo for you -the individual reloader- is location. While some online sources have excellent prices on components, you have to factor in shipping and hazmat handling (for primers and gunpowder), and even availability, since some online retailers do not mention if an item is in stock or not at the time of ordering.

    Just a thought!
  8. ash1012

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    Thanks for the info guys
  9. I only shoot reloads. Only my own reloads! I would not trust anybodys reloads.You dont know if they check weight of powder every 5 rds or not!If you dont reload stick to factory loads it is your life!
  10. EvilD

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    98% of what I shoot are reloads. The only problem withl ordering powder and primers is the Hazmat fee, doesn't matter if you buy 100 primers or 50 lbs total of primers and powder, it's $25 plus regular shipping fee. You need to make it worth while and order a lot or get a few friends to go in with you, check your local stores for powder and primers first.
  11. db559

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    Thanks for the info guys!
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