Reloading the .40: bulge buster

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  1. Chukar

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    Hello gents/gals, I'm trying to get my ducks in a row to reload for my G23. In terms of addressing the "Glock fired brass" a number of folks recommended the Bulge Buster for getting the case reformed properly. In looking at this setup, I saw the following on MidWays site:

    "Do not use the Bulge Buster Kit to reload for the 40 S&W Glock or similar guns with chambers that do not fully support the cartridge due to the intrusion of the feed ramp."

    This was pulled directly from the instructions. Click the link and in the description there is another link to the PDF instructions.

    Now I'm questioning the method.

    Love your input on addressing this issue of the Glock-ed brass and a safe end product?

    **i realize that safe reloading is very dependent on a number of things, this thread is just focusing on this aspect**
  2. jonm61

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    That's very interesting. I would think that it would be almost dedicated to Glocks. I'm curious to see what the experienced reloaders here have to say.

  3. Happysniper1

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    Interesting, and more than mildly intriguing.

    I had heard and read almost everywhere that this is a necessary tool for resizing .40S&W brass for Glocks.

    I do not have a .40S&W Glock, so have no experience with it.

    Waiting and watching for any reloaders to comment.....
  4. Chukar

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    I agree. Read about a number of folks using reloads, using the BB or similar. Also read of those that do NOT use such a step and just regular dies...
  5. Happysniper1

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    ...still waiting to hear the experts' opinions.....
  6. brutusvk

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    I have never used the product. However, I use aftermarket barrels in everything. So I have never had an issue with any of the loads made with just standard dies.

    None of my fellow reloaders in town use it either.
  7. Chukar

    Chukar New Member

    I didn't think after market barrels did anything more than provide standard riffling. Which barrels are you saying provide better chamber support?
  8. brutusvk

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    I have two KKM, one storm lake and one lone wolf.

    I copied this off the KKM website, it is a similar discription as the other brands.

    All KKM barrels are made using U.S. manufactured 416 Stainless steel bar stock which is then heat treated and vacuum tempered to 42 to 45 RC. All Barrels are CNC machined to obtain superior dimensional tolerances. Using our unique Button Rifling process, all KKM barrels offer superior accuracy over stock barrels. Our Glock barrels come with fully supported match chambers for shooting factory or reloaded ammunition as well as lead or jacketed bullets.

    To the moderators, I hope I am not breaking rules posting this. I didn't personally know anyone at any of the barrel makers.
  9. Happysniper1

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    It's all good. Info related to the thread.

    ....still waiting for the experts to check in on this one....
  10. Chukar

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    ^^ Agree! More intel is always better than not enough.
  11. G-23

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    It appears that the buldge buster is only designed to remove the buldge that can occur from the casing (mid-drift area) while expanding in the chamber. It seems to me it just resizes the whole casing. You're talking about maybe .010".

    Lee doen't want you running a casing thru the resizer that might have a larger buldge or, a buldge that can be off center do to an unsupported feed ramp area. Weak casing (which are already weak in the base anyway) that have been numerous times could get stuck jambed up in the tool I suppose.

    Sorry, I'm no expert and I don't play one on TV!:D
  12. PC5623

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    I am by no means an expert in reloading, but I have loaded and shot 1500 rounds out of my G-23 since October using the standard Lee carbide dies. These dies smooth that small bulge right out without any need of adding another step to the process. My reloads are mid-range target loads with a hard-cast lead 180 gr. T.C. bullets through the factory barrel. They are very accurate with less recoil for fast multiple shots and the empty cases have very little or no bulge. I have not had any problem with bulging or leading in any way.

    I suppose if your reloads were pushed to higher velocity/pressures the bulging and resizing could possibly lead to shorter case life or even case seperation? I don't worry about that because I found out that it doesn't take a 40 caliber bullet with a vapor trail to kill a paper target.:rolleyes: I hope this helps!
  13. sgtglock

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    Redding has a push through resizing die called the G- RX. I didn't see any warnings on the web site about not using it on brass fired from a Glock.
  14. shaker223

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    I have 20+ years of reloading experience but have only about 3,000ish rounds of .40 S&W experience. I use it in a 100% stock 23. Always plated, FMJ, or HP bullets. Standard Hornady carbide die set is the only resizing tools that are used. Starting to mid-range book loads all with Hodgdon Longshot powder. I've never had a feeding, stuck case, bulges.....etc with any of the reloads I've fed my 23.
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  15. bhale187

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    On a somewhat realated note I have a question. Why would ammo be marked 'do not use in Glock of similarly nonfully supported chamber firearm'. Is it because they are an overly hot round and may bulge?

    Our HDU (bomb) unit gets tons of ammo turn ins for destruction by other PDs, sometimes its evidence and sometimes its just stuff people brought to them because they wanted to get rid of it. They got several cases of 9mm that had that marking on them recently.
  16. katich

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    Do most ar-15s fire a 5.56 NATO round?
  17. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    There are probably as many private party owned ar platforms in .223 as there are in 5.56, just a guess on my part from the ones I've seen.

    I'm not sure where this is coming from or going though....
  18. 3L3C7R0

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    They were basically the same... 5.56 will shoot .223
  19. WhiskeyTango

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    I reload .40 S&W for G23

    I do not use the Lee Bulge Buster. I use a Lee Carbide Factory Crimp Die in a Lee Four stage Turret Press. I also use a Lyman .40 Caliber Gauge to ensure my rounds will chamber. I have had success using these items without any chambering problems. It is a fact that >40 caliber will bulge but a Carbide die can correct it. The bulge buster is marketed to those who do not have a Carbide Factory Crimp Die.
  20. jmance1

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    The LWD aftermarket barrels have full support. I just ordered one in .40 S&W for my G23. It is a match grade barrel. $100 at Supposed to arrive Friday. Looking forward to getting it and trying it out. With it there should not be any danger of bulging cases. I will let you know when I get mine and try it out

    Been a reloader for a while and know that maximum loads are dangerous so don't use them. Load some lighter loads For punching paper. If one wants to use the more potent loads go ahead and buy a couple boxes of factory rounds and use the reloads for target shooting. Just an old farts opinion,