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  1. howatu

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    Are LEE reloading kits any good
  2. gnihcraes

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    You'll get different opinions on this.

    My opinion is, they are ok, but are entry level and quality is good. There are much better brands out there. (RCBS, Dillon, Hornady) no particular order.

    I started with a Lee Challenger (O Frame Press) They have the Classic Cast now I believe. I then tried the Lee Turret press and got frustrated with both setups and quit reloading.

    I got back into reloading again and bought a USED RCBS Rock Chucker, Huge difference in quality and the RCBS is "Well Used" and functioned better than my previous experience with Lee equipment.

    Others will tell you Lee equipment is GREAT and I believe them. It's a Ford Chevy type of thing.

    Hope it helps.

  3. Happysniper1

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    My opinion, based on my experience:

    I have an RCBS RockChucker Supreme single-station press, bought more than 10 years ago. At first, I stuck with the RCBS brand for everything. I have broken feed gates in my hand loader, and I have broken decapping pins, and I have broken a precision mic .223 bullet seater die....RCBS shipped replacements, no questions asked, no return of broken parts needed, no charge at all. And their customer support (by email) is fantastic, prompt, and detailed.

    I bought a Lee .40-cal/10mm die set when I couldn't find an RCBS set when I really needed it. The bullet seater die was for flat nose bullets. I was loading hollow-points. Cases prepped properly (and believe me, I am anal about this stage!)...cases resized properly, primer pockets in spec, flash holes OK, cases trimmed to length, and cases expanded properly for bullet insertion....but 10 out of 10, those darned bullets would seat cockeyed, tearing the cases. I gave up, repacked the dies, took receipt and dies back to LGS for return, and drove 35 miles one-way to another store that had RCBS carbide dies in .40-cal/10mm, and bought that.

    I have friends who reload, some of them I have convinced and taught to get into reloading, who variously use RCBS, Dillon, Hornady, and Lee, and each loves his own particular brand. The dies, except for the Hornady Lock-and-Load system, are threaded the same so are interchangeable among different loading presses.

    Still, I love RCBS quality, and I love their customer support and no-nonsense product warranty.

    My one and only experience with Lee was miserable.

    Hope that helps....
  4. Trotac

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    I've got two Lee (one aluminum and one progressive) presses an old RCBS Rock Chucker, and another press that I can't think of right now. They all work just as well for everything I've ever done. I've loaded 308 and 3006 rounds that shot in the .2's with Lee dies and a Lee press. It certainly isn't bad, and I would say that all of Lee gear that have and use is quite good.

    BLK RIFLE New Member

    I started reoading in 1960 when I was in Alaska in the Air Force. I bought my first Lee in 1972 from Midway and still have it. I bought a 3 station progressive and used it for some years. I then bought a 4 station and used it for some years. I recently bought and now use a Lee Loadmaster and use it for 38 spl, 357 mag, 9 mm, 40S&W, 45ACP, 45 Colt, 460 Rowland and 400 Corbon. I use my single stage for my .223 and Garand. I would recommend Lee presses and dies and know they are as good as any other.