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    I work in the alcohol industry and I follow what the laws and regs. are around the country, it has been an ongoing battle in the state of Washington for the alcohol industry to go Private versus State controlled. In a conversation with Davin we realized that the press is telling everyone that the Privatization is an abject failure because the prices are skyrocketing. The truth though that the press is not telling everyone is that straight 21% is a new tax on top of an already ridiculous 8.5% state sales tax and the fees and regulation costs that have since been levied on the alcohol! The question is : How can the state media not tell the people about the taxation but claim the prices have skyrocketed and how do people stop this government railroading of private business from happening. I know in my state 1/3 of the cost of alcohol is TAX. Any conversation is welcome and what do they do in your state? Pennsylvania about to go through this as well.

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    I dont know about alcohol taxes and such but I just paid Arizona and the city of Phoenix money for permits so I can pay them taxes for retail...

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    When did running moonshine become so noble? ;)
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    When the Kennedys started into it during prohibition!;):p
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    The same way they get their sticky fingers in healthcare and tell everyone the privatization of healthcare drives the price up when in reality it is the government.. They pass laws, regulations, charge fees and people wonder why the price is so high. Just like the government said you could never make a profit off of mail delivery, yet FedEx and UPS are doing just that.
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    The only thing we have is our ability to vote them out. Good luck...
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    Yep! I'll be there every time!