Reduced power spring kit

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by glocker73, May 21, 2012.

  1. I've installed the Ghost 3.5 Ultimate connector and a 6 lb trigger spring in my G26 Gen 4 and I'm also considering installing the reduced power firing pin safety plunger spring and the 4 lb firing pin spring. Has anybody with this setup experienced light primer strikes? I've heard it happens in .45 Auto and 10mm, but what about 9mm? Info please! Thanks!
  2. figurethatout28

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    Thats the exact setup I have on my gen 3 g26. Lone wolf skeletonized strikers are 30 bucks. I switched it together, so I cant say. But with the skeletonized striker, ive put 15 or 1600 rounds through. No prob.

  3. EvilD

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    I had that set up, doesn't work with a stock striker, lots of light primer hits.
  4. zipper046

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    +1...I've tried ALL kinds of combinations (too many to list).

    Bought the Zev Tech competition spring pack and a Lone Wolf adjustable ejector housing (over-travel roved with this) and I have a GREAT smooth and crisp 3.5 - 4lb trigger with NO light strikes (and I reload with various primers)