red dot's... are they worth it?

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  1. Model22

    Model22 Vulgar Individual

    Does anybody here actually carry a glock with a red dot or an eotech mounted to it via a rail ? i've heard about them and seen pictures... but i've never heard of people in the real world actually do it. I'm wondering if it's even feasible... it seems that it would be very awkward to me.
  2. EvilD

    EvilD New Member

    good for certain type of competition, useless for CCW

  3. G19C

    G19C New Member

    I don't use it on my glocks, in fact I don't know if I've seen one on a glock.. I have one on my .223 and love it. But that is a tactical rifle..
  4. jfirecops

    jfirecops New Member

    They do make a difference but add a lot of bulk, in fact I think the only holster that will fit is a race holster, not very concealable.
    A EOtech is what I have on my rifle, but they are too large to be practical for a pistol If you are going to do it you want some type of small holographic sight like a C-more or something of that size.
  5. TxShooter

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    For me on short range rifle shooting, they are a help. I find my grouping to be a bit better but almost negligible.
  6. jfirecops

    jfirecops New Member

    I will have to agree, grouping is about the same for me. I use the EOtech mostly for speed, my eye will focus on it faster for next target shot than iron sights. My SBR is mostly for comp shooting so I am looking for speed inside a 8" ring.
  7. DVCguns

    DVCguns New Member

    A laser is a much better option on a handgun.

    On a carbine an Aimpoint T1 is screaming fast and what I use.
    My ACOG TSN1 is only a fraction slower at 0-50yards and faster at 50+ though.
  8. Model22

    Model22 Vulgar Individual

    Yeah, i have an eotech holo with 3xmagnifier on my bushmaster .223.... but i was just curious as to the red dots on a pistol... I saw some video's and i've seen a few mounts from that i could utilize to mount a red dot... just curious to see what other's thoughts and opinions were. It sounds like for ccw they are ****... good to know.
  9. Blackridge

    Blackridge New Member

    Have to agree. For CCW, they'l just get in the way
  10. glock fu master

    glock fu master Junior Member

    anybody have an opinion on the dokter optics on a glock?
  11. JArnold1289

    JArnold1289 New Member

    I have a mako rail and a Aim red dot sight on my G17 gen4. It looks great, like something off COD. Also if your thinking about buying a rail, get an airsoft one, they are made of metal not plastic. Unlike the ones made for real handguns.
  12. Gen4new-guy

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  13. marvc

    marvc New Member

    I was big on a laser til just recently. I just bought my gun on sunday and went shooting with it on monday. I was virgin for both so pretty exciting, but i was thinkin if i got a laser i would depend in it too much and would compromise improving my aim without one. Will having a laser hinder my aim if one day i need to shoot a target and dont have it, will i struggle?

  14. strange89inked

    strange89inked New Member

    I saw the red dot FN used on their tactical 45 and liked the idea, so i had someone build me a G21 around that design while I was overseas. I used the Burris fast dot. It is a blast to shoot once you get the hang of it. But it's practice that makes you better not the optic. I am too small framed to conceal a 21 to begin with so this is more of just a fun gun. Zombie tool if you will...


    I want to do a lot more but would be getting away from the topic. I love the sight and if it was a little lower in height (maybe like the trijicon) and on a more compact pistol I would love to give carrying it a shot
  15. shot an AR with it, but I feel like it would be wayyyyy too big to be concealable on a Glock especially for EDC
  16. glock fu master

    glock fu master Junior Member

    where did you get the mount? never mind, found it.
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  17. sgtglock

    sgtglock New Member

    I was the FA at my former dept and the opportunity to T&E a trijicon red dot on my g23.
  18. sgtglock

    sgtglock New Member

    Sorry, didnt mean to send yet. Anyway, had the red dot for about three months. Once i got use to it , it was awesome! Carried on duty in a serpa( non duty type) or off duty in a custom holster that i made. I never knew it was on my pistol. Never got in the way and never banged it on anything. It was easy to learn, too. Dont say its useless for CCW if you've never tried it. Its easy to find a holster cut low enough in front to clear the sight. I didnt want to send it back but i couldnt afford to buy it at the time( about $400!). As soon as i can i WILL buy the Burris red dot! So dont be afraid of a red dot.
  19. codemanod

    codemanod New Member

    Must have on AR, for my carry gun (gen 2 g27) I have a fiber optic front sight, that's it.
  20. Tape

    Tape New Member

    absolutely, I have one on my AK & AR, I don't use it on my glocks