red dot sight and my G22?

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    Just thinking about a c-more red dot on my G22 but dont want to tap holes on slide or frame. Ive seen a mount that im guessing attaches where the rear sight would come off. Has anyone used anything like this and how well did it work. My eyesight isnt the best but still want to do local matches. Thanks

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    I used to have a red dot on my G17G3 used a dovetail mount it replaced the back sight. I still have the red dot but sold the G17.

    Pretty sweet set up :)

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  4. Glock-Siggy

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    Thanks for the suggestions just looking for an edge over my buddys at our local USPA matches. I like the idea of a dovetail mount. As always $$$ is a factor in what I choose. Eotech and Cmore seem right proud of their stuff.
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    I was thinking about putting a red dot on my G23 also, but a little expensive. Has anyone got a hexsite on their glock? How is it working out?
  6. The only thing I'd worry about using a red dot w/ the dovetail mount (I've been considering it as well on my 22C) is if the battery dies it's a brick seeing as how it replaces the rear sight. :( Do any red dot sights have a notch or something in the rear so you can still shoot if the red dot goes out??