red dot or scope on ar 22?

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  1. silver04v

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    Can anyone recommended a good but ok priced red dot or quality scope that they have used? It's for the newest edition to our house, a sig sauer 522. Looking for a max price of maybe 200?
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  3. bhale187

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    For a cheap red dot on a 22 I have been thoroughly impressed with the NCStar DP130. We're talking under $20 without the mount, it's alot like the aimpoint compM2 in appearance and operation, it has held zero perfectly on my 10/22, reticle is near identical to my Aimpoint Pro, glass is amazingly clear for being so cheap, just can't say enough good about it.

    For a scope, I have had terrible luck with the cheap ncstar and barska scopes, they had awful eye relief and foggy glass in magnification.

    The Leupold VX1 or rifleman series is a good choice for about $200. The simmons prohunter series is a good choice for just over $100
  4. glocknloaded

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    I love my vortex sparc!! Paid 200 for it shipped two battery's and a mount that for three different sizes.
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    Bushnell sells a great red dot for roughly $90. Have one on my Smith & Wesson 627 and works outstanding. Here's a few pics, hope this helps.

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    Sightmark makes a good red dot. I was really skeptical about it being only 40 bucks. When it came in I attached it to my mossburg 500 and started sending 3" slugs and 00 buck shot down the side of the hill. To my surprise it held true and didn't blow it's self apart. I attached it to my 21 and been running with it ever since. I figure if it could stand probably a hundred 3" that it could handle any 45auto wether it be +p or super. 2000 ish rounds later I have had no issue with it except it eats batteries no biggie in my opinion.
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    That look awesome nice gun I want to do something like that to my S&W686
  8. SHOOTER13

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    Vortex Strike Fire gets my vote for under two shipping over $99 at Cabela's