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  1. djg1965

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    I'm considering a Red Dot for handgun. I have zero experience with this system, other then when an employee at the LGS offered his to me to checkout. This was a very short exchange and I was unable to see the red dot. So, does it take time to see it, let alone perfect it? Should I have been able to see it with just a quick present and view?
  2. Lucian_253

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    Could the employee see it?

  3. Lucian_253

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    Reading more carefully. It was the employees pistol, so I’m going to assume it was zeroed. I would say yes you should of seen it. Do you wear glasses, contacts, or any eye issues?
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  4. Danzig

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    I’ve had to hunt for the dot. It takes some practice in my experience. Especially if you aren’t presenting the pistol as if you were actually going to target something.
  5. NWG40

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    Yeah X2 here. A RDS is an awesome addition to a pistol, but like Danzig said it'll take practice to develop the muscle memory. Even after that I've found myself "hunting" for that dot which is why I prefer green to a red dot for a better contrast probably due to my astigmatism. The nice thing is when it's zeroed you can place the dot on the target no matter where it's in the sight. Helps with rapid fire and off center shots.
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  6. djg1965

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    I think my expectations were to see this big beautiful red dot. It was a very quick look. But, I see so many people having this or talking about getting one so I thought I'd asked the experts. And yes, my dominant eye is quite problematic.
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  7. Olga17

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    I got an RMR cut slide for my G17.
    Immediately put a red dot on before the first range trip.
    PITFA first trip out forcing myself to keep both eyes open.
    Being that it is my gun I raise to shoot and see the dot every time.
    Wife still hunts for it.

    Moral: a short small learning curve.

    Oldest son has shot mine and now wants a red dot.
  8. NWG40

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    A tip I can offer is if you choose a red dot (because a green dot is ALWAYS an added expense!) pre select an intensity that makes it easier to pick up but not too much as to distort the red dot. But be mindful if you have to use it at night.
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  9. djg1965

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    I'm still a one eyed shooter.
  10. mattm

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    Had one on my AR and have one on my shotgun. Now you see 'em, now you don't. I like it on my shotgun for slugs at 100 yards, and having no rear sight,I can see the front bead through the glass in a defense situation, where it wouldn't be a "hang on, let me turn this on, adjust the brightness, and get my eyes where I see it so I can shoot you" situation,and took one off the AR as I decided to keep that gun as compact and simple as possible. If the dot co witnesses with your iron sights, it will be easier to pick up, though you just used your irons anyway ;)
  11. The red dot, if properly sighted in, should pretty much be aligned with the sights on then firearm. If you look for your front sight, the dot should pop into view.

    Bottomline, don’t look for the dot...look for your front sight.
  12. NWG40

    NWG40 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Well that depends on what RDS you have. My G40 has the Holosun 507c and suppressor night sights which do co-witness. I set it up where the open sights were good out to 50 yds & the RDS to 100 yds. Even in a S/D situation that red dot will do the trick nicely. You would have to have one of the lower sitting RDS's to come close to the stock sights / night sights.
  13. Bayou

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    Still never tried a dot optic on either the Glock or the AR, but I would definitely go with green if I did. Green works very well for me in both my Glock night sights and my tac light lens/diffuser on my AR. The Nitecore tac light lenses are my favorite; they change the color without affecting the brightness near as much.
  14. Bob-o

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    Green is the way to go on anything. JMHO
  15. Lucian_253

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    My brother runs the green holosun on his P320 X5 legion. It super easy to pick up the dot.
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  16. djg1965

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    So, there appears to be a learning curve involved, and being somewhat new, (three years) to gun ownership and shooting, I think I'll keep it simple for now. However, I plan to become an expert, ha ha, and own many, many guns. I love the whole concept of owning and shooting handguns.
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  17. Silver-Bolt

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    Dry fire for 15-20 mins a day. Within a few days you will pick up the dot very quickly. Dry fire is the key. You need to learn to present the pistol exactly the same every time.
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  18. SixG17s

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    Dot's may look cool, ( and they have been around since the 70's), but they take serious discipline to draw to. Come up from the holster then out to the target. Don't look for the dot, look at the target. Co-witness is Tactical BS, new dot's rarely quit, and if they do, just frame the target with the dot window. Don't expect to be fast until you get at least several thousand draws under your belt.

    Old school 7 MOA Docter (this one is 25 years old) on a G17 with milled slide for USPSA Carry Optics Division. And the quick way to sight a dot in is with a chamber laser, takes about 8 seconds to zero.


    This is what it should look like running a CO gun (go pro view looking at target)

  19. Just found this veteran owned company in AZ. May be an option. I’ve reached out to them with questions on their products...
  20. SixG17s

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    3 MOA is far too small for action pistol, if you are only going to shoot at a box target from behind a bench at an indoor range, then it won't matter. There are lots and lots of dots out there today, however the only one's I'm familiar with are those used in competition. Which is typically 200 - 400 rounds a week, every week., year in year out. In USPSA, the C-More is the most popular for frame mounted Open Division, and for Carry Optics (slide mounted), the Sig Romeo1, Vortex, Delta Point Pro, C-More RTS-2 and the Trijicon RMR.
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