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    I would like to find out what some of you have done to make your own custom pistol cases out of items that were originally for something else...

    The idea here is to re-use something, recycling it to make it cool and useful again.

    I took old Shure wireless microphone cases - hard shell, lockable, stack-able, and generally larger than the typical solo pistol cases you would buy from a store - and re-foamed the interior so that it became an awesome range case.

    The case was free (a discard from a former employer), all I did was spend $20 on a can of 3M High Strength spray adhesive, and around $50 for a large high density egg crate foam mattress topper from an online retailer.

    I cut the foam so that the peaks of the top foam piece would mesh into the valleys of the lower piece. Starting with enough to line both top and bottom of four cases, I still have enough topper left to line another 10-12 cases... The large can of adhesive will last at least that it does not take much to simply coat the back of the foam and the inside of the cases...

    Then all I needed was a sharpie to mark the outlines of everything I wanted to keep in there, and used a super sharp blade to cut the peaks out of the bottom half to fit the desired contents.

    Good thing I picked up about a dozen of these cases while the getting was good...!

    Check out the finished product... This is my Gen2 model 23, two 15rd mags, two 10rd mags, and a 13 round mag... 63 round on hand without even keeping a clip in the gun...!

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    Very nice!

    It's funny, though, that those boxes look almost identical in shape as the factory box that my Sig 229 came in. Same latches & everything.

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    Cool. You selling any?
  4. Dewyz1100

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    :) Nope, not for sale... Could not replace them for what I got into them...

    Over the weekend I modified another to fit a parts bin I got at Harbor Freight...

    I will upload pics of that when I can... Got wrapped up in sorting all my pieces parts that were spread out all over the place...did not take any pics yet...

    Next on the list is making one cut out for all my gun (Glock) smithing tools... I take the Glock Armorers course tomorrow... :)
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    Spare Parts Case

    Here are the pictures for the Spare Parts case I made over the weekend...

    In case anyone was wondering, here is the link for the parts bin - cheap!

    Did not turn out too bad... I may have to trim off the tips of the egg crate on the top half... Since they come in contact with the entire lid of the parts bin, the top tends to bulge a little when closed up... For all my other cases I cut the two foam halves to interlock the egg crate peaks... The bulge hinders the interlocking "stacking" ability with a bulge in the case...!

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  6. Dewyz1100

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    My third case... This one for all my armorer tools...well at least the current tools... More to come for sure... :)

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  7. Dewyz1100

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    I picked up my Gen4 Model 27 this week...

    Here is the case for the newest addition to my Glock family... :)

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