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  1. 66Goat389

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    The new issue of Recoil magazine is on the rack.... Can't wait to go home and read it....
  2. rickjames

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    I need to subscribe to some type of gun magazine, but Im looking for something that isn't biased and tells the truth about every manufacturer. Like a no promotion type deal.
    I never heard of recoil I will look into it.

  3. glocknloaded

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    I haven't looked into any gun Mags either but I am gonna check it out.
  4. Tape

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    American Rifleman
  5. 66Goat389

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    Still more biased than recoil.... I get american rifleman too. Love the armed citizen column. But recoil is a breath of fresh air... Do it your self how to ( I learned of and am now heat stippling polymers), and modern gun culture gadget/ tactics... The most fun cover to cover mag I've experienced. They finally kicked out their second mag and announced they will be bimonthly instead of quarterly.....sweet.
  6. Trotac

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    Recoil is hands down the best gun rag I've picked up in a long time. I didn't realize issue 2 was out yet, but I will be picking it up while I'm out for sure.
  7. rivalarrival

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    American Rifleman is little more than a guide for FUD about liberals. There's rarely more than 10 pages in it that are worth a damn.
  8. 66Goat389

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    New recoil.... Volume three on newsstand
  9. KeenansGarage

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    On newstand?? Try on my coffee table! ;) I haven't been disappointed yet.
  10. runman

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    How so you all have time to read gun mags. I spend all my free time reading this forum!
  11. GastonGlock

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    Aren't there any liberal anti-gun mags we can subscribe to instead?

    ...haha...ha. Seriously tho does such a magazine even exist?
  12. KeenansGarage

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  13. It always cracks me up when I hear people dog on the NRA for their aggressiveness, or laugh off NRA warnings of what the real goals of the libs are. I guess we need a more passive lib friendly NRA, like the one in Australia or that warm fuzzy NRA of England.
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  14. rivalarrival

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    What we need is less FUD and more FACT.
    Fact: 65 House Democrats stopped the reinstatement of the AWB before it even started.
    Fact: Since 1986, a majority of people in 32 states have enacted "Shall Issue" or "Unrestricted" concealed carry laws, with most of those laws coming in the past decade.

    The simple fact is that the political environment has changed; the NRA has not adapted to those changes. For example, Obama and Romney have very similar stated positions and histories on gun control. Why is the NRA constantly bagging on Obama and ignoring Romney?
  15. Tape

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    so true on most issues but I am a lifetime member so it just comes to mind when asked about a magazine. I got in when life member was $250 or $300, cannot remember.
  16. butcherboy

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    Recoil is hands down the best gun magazine I have ever read. It's not just about guns but a lifestyle as well. With articles I want to read. This isnt the same old magazines with all the same
    Old information I was accustomed to reading.
  17. msbella

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    We love the Recoil Mag....thanks for the heads up
  18. At the risk of stealing a thread here: Maybe the aggressive nature of the NRA is precisely why these things have happened. The NRA should point out, and to my knowledge has, Democrats that are pro-gun. That being said,the most crime ridden, legal-gun-unfriendly, toilet bowl cities in the country have at least one thing in common. Progressive liberal leadership. There is a real threat from these same politicians and their ilk. IMO it is naive to think the war for gun rights is over in this country or to let our guard down. Progressivism is absolutely at odds with gun rights. This is the rule, infrequently broken. Obviously there are some pro gun democrats and they should be applauded.
  19. butcherboy

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    I am a democrat and I am super pro-gun
  20. Just curious, but what causes you to be a Democrat? Are you a Union person? Because your family is Democrat? Do you support the current democratic leadership?

    None of my business really, and I'm not really wanting a reply. I just find it paradoxical when I see a current day democrat who is pro gun. If I were a democrat, and I was pro gun, I would be doing some serious soul searching.

    I mean, think about do you feel about the fact that the huge majority of gun control legislation was proposed by dems, and that they are in power and planning on aligning with the UN to undermine out 2d amendment rights? What about the fast and furious scheme that many think was devised to grounds for increased gun control?

    Personally, I'm not a Republican, I'm a conservative independent who is becoming more Libertarian every time I see the news.

    Repubs and Dems are both corrupt, but some of the newer Tea Party folks seem to be legit.

    Reagan was the man! We need another guy like him badly! We need a leader to restore pride in the Nation. We need a leader who will tell the rest of the world we are not their whipping post. We need a leader who understands that the government is not the master, but the servant of the People.