Recoil management

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  1. SixG17s

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    Fun video from a Hoser buddy of mine running an old school USPSA Open Division Major 9x19 in slow motion (Docter dot). That's our home club in Thousand Palms (private).

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  2. Silver-Bolt

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    The slow-mo is interesting. He is not resetting the trigger until the recoil cycle is complete. Assuming this was a slow fire test?

  3. SixG17s

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    Yeah, it was just for the video.
  4. dbow

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    His recoil spring is too strong.
  5. rbbeers

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    My guess is that the very slight muzzle dip noted in the video is caused by the 'spring-back' of the isometric tension in the shooting frame, not an 'over-weight' recoil spring.

    In my opinion, for an experienced shooter with a good grip and shooting frame, the minor muzzle oscillations demonstrated in the video are normal.

    For a novice shooter or a shooter with a 'bad' grip and/or frame, the oscillations would be much worse.

    Just sayin'... :)

    Best regards,

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    Thanks Bob
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