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  1. ZombieNinja

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    So being that I'm less than a year into my handgun addiction (thanks Glock)
    can anyone tell me if the recoil buffer is something of any use? Saw the part on amazon and it says it's made by Glock, I guess a factory part?
    Also wanted to upgrade the recoil shaft to a steel or tungsten and what advantage if any to a heavier spring. I understand the factory is 18lbs. Any insight or links to this would be appreciated and thanks!
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    I would leave it factory stock. A buffer is not needed and I've even heard malfunctions being caused by it. The recoil spring is perfect the way it is. By making it heavier it will most likely malfunction with lighter loads as in Remington umc and federal and Winchester white box. Making it lighter in unnessasary unless your firing minimum power factor loads and the current spring won't properly cycle the slide.

  3. ZombieNinja

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    Thanks, I agree. I have a hard time really changing anything about the piece. Sights is about the only thing that isn't internal that I would change. And I painted the letters!
    I also tried searching threads for the links that Happy sniper or mike posted about detailed take down and stripping of Glocks but I can't find it now. I was reading in bed the other night and ran across them and wanted to check them out and learn more about it. If anyone knows the links, would you mind posting?? Thanks in advance