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    Getting ready to travel from Oklahoma to Branson Missouri. Any Oklahoma or Missouri CCW holders willing to let me know if there is anything I need to be particularly aware of with an OK CCW in MO?

  2. Dougster, you will find Branson to be a very firearm friendly city. My family spent a week there last December and I saw not a single "No Guns" sign. Remember that a concealed carry permit in Missouri does not authorize you to carry into the following:

    Any police station
    Any polling place
    Any correctional facility
    Any courthouse
    Any government meeting
    Any bar (an establishment that get less than 50% of it's income by the sale of food and seats less than 50 people)
    Any airport
    Any federally controlled facility
    Any school (colleges don't count)
    Any child care facility
    Any casino
    Any amusement park
    Any church
    Any posted private property
    Any sports arena that seats more than 5000
    Any hospital open to the public

    Carrying in any of these places is not a crime, by the way. Additionally, you can obtain permission from the person in charge to carry in most of the listed places.

    Also, you can't carry on public transportation (buses, trains). Carrying on a public bus or train is a crime.

    Missouri has no duty to inform law for informing law enforcement you are carrying and Missouri also has no duty to retreat before you can use deadly force.

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    you know any ranges near branson, i am going there in a month...
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    So here i'm not obligated to inform police i'm carrying? Am I required to show my CPL with my license? I had no idea this was a lips closed state
  5. I wouldn't say lips closed. Missouri simply has no law that requires you to inform a law enforcement officer you are carrying. If a LEO requests your ID and he is performing his official duty, you must show him your ID. The same would extend to your CCW permit. If he finds you are carrying, he is within his rights to see your CCW permit to verify you are legally carrying. If he runs your license, he will know you have a permit even if it's on a non-drivers license. (Of course this only applies to Missouri residents with Missouri permits.)

    I recommend to all of my students that they should probably inform any LEO of their permit and gun as soon as convenient if they are approached by that officer in an official capacity. It's easier an everyone if he knows up front. Cops don't like surprises... especially when they involve guns.
  6. No thats fine, but legally if he does not ask if i am carrying I am under no legal obligation to offer the information. Thats all i wanted to know. As former LE i get the disclosure, but personally i feel concealed is concealed and it's nobodys business. I never offer any information to law enforcement, they have to ask for it.

    In MI it was a law to disclose immediately regardless if they ask or not. I like MO better.

    I'm a MO resident, with a valid MI permit. I'm governed by MO law when carrying in MO so I'm not required to speak up unless asked.
  7. This is all true but remember your MI permit doesn't exempt you in a gun free school zone. You'd need a MO permit for that exemption.