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  1. Webphisher

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    So I'm looking for anyone who's got some good Glock specific recipes. I have the Lyman's 49th edition, and I'm ordering the Hornaday 8th edition probably monday. But specifically what I'm looking for is I want to at some point get a recipe for my G34 for competitions. So I don't know if theres a great source you guys use, or if asking for recipes is taboo and rude. But I figure I'll find out by asking :D
  2. shaker223

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    I like AA #2 & #5 for use with 9mm. Good value and it meters very good. If I had one complaint, I'd say it is a little smokey.

    I also like AA#2 in 45 ACP and just recently started loading for 45 Super and AA#7 seems like a real winner.

  3. Jackfrost

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    I like W231, fast burning and I find it clean burning. I here AA#7 is good for 9mm as well, I tried it.

    I believe in personnel preference, try a pound of each I did and settled with 231.

    124grFMJ RN 4.4gr of 231 I find works great in any of my 9mm(glock mainly).

    Have fun picking.
  4. Webphisher

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    Thanks for the info! I went out today got the Hornaday book and a really nice caliper. Right now I'm playing with Unique, but haven't had a chance to shoot anything I've made so far. I'll have to try those recipes out and see how I like them.
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    4.1 of 231 with a 124 grain bullet, but you may have to change your recoil spring. This make a 127 pf, which imo, is just about perfect for USPSA. I had a unique load but it wasn't nearly as soft as the 231
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    I like AutoComp for just about everything I've loaded it for, especially for compensated use. The only use it is absolutely not for is supressed, it gasses a lot. If you're using internally compensated it is just about ideal because of the extra gasses you don't get quite as much velocity drop compared to non compensated barrel. It's also very low flash. Winchester 231 is pretty clean when loaded to pressure, if you're loading for minor power factors, it's not ideal as you will get flash and some unburnt powder. HS-6 does work pretty well in 9mm, it's not great at any one use, but it works pretty well for just about anything. Those are the only three I've tried in 9mm so far and they all meter like water once set up, which can be a bit tricky on AutoComp because of the ball size.
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    147gr Montana Gold
    3.5gr TiteGroup.
  8. Captain

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    My favorites for my G34 Gen4 are:

    124gr Montana Gold JHP over 5.6gr Ramshot True Blue. Federal primers. COL 1.115 - Consistant 1.0" groups @ 30' MY FAVORIE LOAD FOR G34

    124gr Montana Gold JHP over 5.1gr Power Pistol. Federal primers. COL 1.110 - 1.5" groups @ 30'

    124gr Montana Gold JHP over 5.8gr Ramshot True Blue. Federal primers. COL 1.115 - 1.5" groups @ 30'

    124gr Montana Gold JHP over 4.7 gr Unique. Federal primers. COL 1.115 - 1.87" groups @ 30'

    I personally get my best results from Power Pistol and Ramshot True Blue.

    I have not been able to get a real accurate and consistant load out of my G34 using various loads with Unique. I think it is in part due to the fact that Unique meters so poorly.
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    Awesome, thanks! Looking forward to making a shopping run next Monday.
  10. EvilD

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    what powder did you decide on?
  11. Webphisher

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    Well I tried Unique to start with, but problem is I've been super busy with work, so most of what I've done so far is just depriming, priming, flaring and waiting to do powder loads. I've made about 80 rounds with 4 different recipes, mainly using Unique with two types of bullets. But have way through testing I squibed because one case missed its powder charge. So I canceled testing, pulled out the 34 and made the Bros with their girls look like bad shots LOL.

    The 19 is what I was testing with as all the recipes my dad and I came up with were for 4" barrels.

    Payday is Monday so I'll be going out and shopping for:
    124gr Montana Gold JHP over 5.6gr Ramshot True Blue. Federal primers. COL 1.115

    Then next step is to get used to reloading, once we get our stuff together I'm going to try making these guys and shooting them.
  12. Webphisher

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    And ya we found that out. We called one of the bullet manufactures to get a starting recipe. They said we had to adjust using Unique because its "fluffy" powder, and yes it is. The only nice thing is you can't double charge, its so fluffy that it takes up 3/4 of the shell, any double load spills out when you lift the funnel lol.
  13. RobertR13

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    Hand charging with a funnel and powder measure is going to cost you a lot of time, but you will get more consistent loads. I use the Lee pro autodisk with micrometer adjustable charge bar and it's great with powders that meter well, but I probably wouldn't use it with something like Unique unless I was measuring every charge anyway, then the only advantage would be that you wouldn't have to worry as much about contaminating the powder.
  14. Webphisher

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    My dad and I reload together, and right now were going slow and learning it without all the fancy tools and what not. Once we get comfortable with loading stuff and the basics we'll be upgrading some of the tools. Just watched a vid on this thing though, and this is the first upgrade I'll be buying lol. Right now I have the Lee powder measure with the rotating handle. But ya, this I will buy soon.