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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by med1pilot, Dec 14, 2011.

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    I am the recent recipient of a new Blue Label Glock 23 Gen4. I've had time for only one day and a box of shells at the range, but am quite impressed thus far. Prior to this I carried a Kahr MK40, but it was a little small for good control and was a little uncomfortable to shoot unless I used the extended magazine. I've ordered a couple of custom holsters, then I will get comfortable and spend plenty of time practicing before I leave the house equipped again.:rolleyes:
  2. Hello Fellow Pilot...

    I converted to Glock back in 2007 when my son was issued a Glock 22 from his Police Department. My Dad (a former 1911 Custom Pistolmaker) would roll in his grave with his son (me) carrying/shooting anything other than a 1911 but, I believe that he would appreciate the Father/Son time spent on the firing line with his Grandson... :cool:

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    did your BL come with 3 mags ???

    Lots of guys are saying dealers kept there 3rd mag. My 17 came w 3.
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    a full inventory

    Yup, got all 3 mags. I'm a little distressed at how hard it is to get the full capacity of 13 in them though. Then with a full mag you really have to give it a hefty slap to get it to fully seat in the mag well. Oh well, I guess each weapon has it's own personality and quirks.
  5. Glock Tech Said...

    Hey Med1Pilot,
    I experienced same situation with my Glock 30SF fully loaded mags... Called Glock Tech and spoke with "Fred" at ext 6248. He said, it will relax over time but would exchange mags with same if I did not want to wait... other option was to load with one less round so that I did not need to slam the mag into the firearm! :rolleyes:
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    I don't know what it is, but when i got my glock g22, i only got 2 mags and it is also hard for me to get the magazine to seat all the way with a 15 round clip... it's odd. and i've put about 1500 rounds through it so far... it hasn't broken in at all...
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    this is not necessarily a bad thing, GLOCK's are one of the few mags that the springs hold up in, I would rather them be tight rather than haveing failure to feeds like alot of other mags on the market after they are broke in.

    it does make for some scrubbing on the inside of your slide where the round hits though !
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    I sampled several different handguns before I opted for the Glock, much to the dismay of a few friends. I can understand their personal bias for their own pistols because I have my own bias as well.

    But I still cross paths with the occasional self appointed "Pistol Purity Police" who feel the Glock is a plastic gun that real marksmen shouldn't carry.

    I quietly smile then hit my target at the range in tighter groups, without jams, and without spending twice the money than the Pistol Purity Police did on their handgun.
  9. Welcome from Damascus, MD.
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