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Recent AVG cost of reloading .40 SW??

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I know this has prob been discussed already but i could not find it very quickly and lost my patience LOL. Just wondering what you reloading guys are seeing for avg cost of reloading 40sw right now? Im tryin to decide if it it worth it to me right now to get into it. I want to start shooting alot more often and possibly get into to some low level amateur competitions just for fun. But it costs me about 20 bucks a box (50) for cheap fmj target rounds around here. ordered 500 off of but after shipping im still at 15-18+ a box. Just wondering what its costing you guys roughly to reload a box right now. Assuming you arent buying brass but collecting what you shoot.

thanks, Any advice will be appreciated.

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last time I calculated it out I was just under $6 for 50 for 357. 40 was just about the same. That is assuming you already have brass.
brutusvk, that is cheap! What are you using for bullets? Cast lead or FMJ?
For that cost, lead. There is a local guy that casts in large volume. Like $23 for 500 for 40 cal, $22 for 9mm (for my 357) and $25 for 45 acp. I do use copper sometimes but the price goes up. Here are some of the handgun projectiles I have been using lately.


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Those are inexpensive! They look good too.

PS Love the blame the hippie sticker! LOL:D
I will see if I can find the guy's website. He is reasonable for shipping too. Very nice guy.

When I took the picture I didn't notice I got the toolbox in the photo. I do, in fact, blame everything on the dang hippies. :) A friend's wife made that sticker for me.

Found it....
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