Range time with my wife and son.

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by xxlrg, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. xxlrg

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    100 rounds through the G30. 0 issues and shot like a dream. Love the trigger on this weapon.
    Approx 50 rounds of 9mm through the S&W 59. 0 issues and this gun also has a wonderful trigger although different from the G30.
    My son and I put about 200 rounds through the Buckmark. 0 issues and this thing is so accurate it always puts a big grin on my face.
    My wife mostly shot the G19 so she can practice for her chl. She put about 150 through it. 0 issues other than she probably took about 20-25 brass shots to the face. I shot about 75 rounds rounds myself and got hit about 10 times with brass. I also experienced 2 stovepipes. This only the second time Ive shot this gun. Put 100 rounds through it when I bought it new last week. No problems then. Anyone got any advice on this? All ammo was winchester white box from walmart except. 22 was cci mini mags.
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    I have seen some chatter on the Gen. 4's having some issues with the recoil spring guide rod assy, but I would lean more towards limp wristing with the G19. My daughter had a problem with it at first with my G22. This also may effect the ejection some what, bring a ball cap next time and that should help with getting hit in the face.

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    Sounds like a fun day. Hopefully I'll be heading to the range later today, it has been a month since I've gone shooting...