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Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by glocknloaded, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. glocknloaded

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    I am just curious to what everyone uses for just shooting at the range. ( warning new to the firearm world so forgive my ignorance)

    I have only had my new Glock 17 for a week or so and have only shoot Winchester white box and federal in the white box as well. I have read that there both cheap crap ammo but it's what the range had and I have shot 500 rounds combined with no problems so it seems to work fine. I clean my Glock after every use so it being "dirty" haven't bothered me yet.

    I want to start buying in bulk ( I love to shoot and a lot :) ) and am not sure what would be good ammo to keep on hand for the range.

    Just curious what everyone prefers.

    PS- I bought 500 rnds of 9mm 115 gr MC Remington UMC they come in a green box ( for range)

    50 rnds of 115 gr JHP federal classic personal defense

    Both bought on lime from lucky gunner I haven't received them yet so don't know how they do yet.
  2. You're already on the right path.

    I use a ton of Winchester white box and Federal premium from Walmart. For range use run whatever you can get your hands on that's cheap and don't be scared of steel case ammo either. The Glocks will run whatever you put through them.

    Unless you find some off the wall smokin deal don't bother buying bulk 1000 round bundles on line because if you compare Federal Champion from Walmart for example.......5 boxes of 100 count is roughly $105ish depending on where you live. So $210ish for 10 boxes{1000 rounds} is about what most bulk places sell it for before shipping.

  3. Webphisher

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    Becareful of steel case ammo though, because some ranges won't allow it. It reacts to the magnet that some ranges use to make sure you aren't using steel core bullets, which destroy the back drop. But if you are shooting in the woods, go for it!

    As for me, Remington UMC and Federal Champion from Walmart. For personal defense rounds I was using the Federal Hydro Shocks, but switched to the Hornady Critical D rounds. The big thing is, shoot the same gr round as you do for practice in self defense.
  4. glocknloaded

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    Thanks sets my mind at ease don't want to run anything through that will harm the firearm.

    I live in the gun hating state of California, in the two surrounding counties I live in Walmart is not allowed to sell ammo :( ( crazy I know).

    It may be cheaper two take a nice long drive to the country to stock up I'll have to call and find out thanks!
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    Its not steel core they are worried about. Its the bimetal jacket with steel in it. It sparks when it hits the backstop. The material used to catch bullets and fragments will catch on fire from the hot metal sparks sometimes. Shred up rubber from old tires is used alot. Ever try to put out a tire fire?
  6. glocknloaded

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    Thanks! Very helpful.

    I'll look into those personal defense rounds. Good point on the same gr round that one got bye me, I will make sure to do that good point
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    Welcome aboard from another newbie from California. Where about do you live? If your Walmart can sell ammo I'm surprised you could have it shipped to you. Some counties can't be shipped to. I got lucky here; Walmart has ammo but my local gunshop will beat their prices. I get 100rnds 165gr .40 for $25. The Winchester is 31 at Walmart so I save a few bucks.
  8. Webphisher

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    At my range at least it is the steel core they care about. It doesn't flatten like the lead stuff and it just rips up their backstop. Granted I could see your point as a concern as well.
  9. I'll shoot nearly anything in my Glock and it chews it up and spits it right out. Never had a malfunction.
  10. glocknloaded

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    I live in the Bay Area just outside of Berkeley/ Richmond are.

    Wow that's a great deal! Where about are you located?
  11. flightmedic76

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    Mine has not been picky. I usually just go with the 115gr Federal's for $10.99 a box. The range by me does carry the 124gr Speer Lawman from time to time for a couple bucks more. They seem to have a little more giddy up and a nice little muzzle flash. :D
  12. voyager4520

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    For .40 I use American Eagle and Speer Lawman.

    If I owned a 9mm I'd avoid Winchester White Box for a while. I've heard four reports of squibs, two with bulged barrels, using 9mm WWB lately.
  13. glocknloaded

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    Thanks for the heads up I'll stick to federals for a while since I am shooting 9mm
  14. Federal, Winchester and Remington are all great loads, typically not too expensive, I like steel ammo, cuz its not as expensive and I dont have to pick up since I dont have reloading equipment yet, but yeah lol just stay FAR away from Wolf and Tula, in my opinion, its pretty bad ammo....
  15. bfish

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    I shoot/train my 27 the most of all and I buy federal 40 from Walmart and its 100rnds for $27.?? After tax. Best deal I can find
  16. glocknloaded

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    Thanks I have heard really.... bad things about Tula I don't think I even want to waste my time on trying it out.